Addressing the elephant in the womb


In the context of early term fetus developnent I do stand behind it.


Now that is stupid. Brain activity has everything to do with consciousness.


I already did earlier in the thread. Look at the studies in this Forbes article.


Huh? Not all brain activity


Go retake biology and come back and talk to me.


What do you mean, ‘brain is capable of experience personhood.’ Is there anything scientific which says you only become a person when you know stuff. So this beating heart, is not a beating heart of a person? It is a beating heart of what exactly if it is not a person. Now, there are many people who have downs syndrome, they will most likely never know what this supposed personhood. So is it okay for someone to kill a mentally handicapped person, or is that only for the severely handicapped person. In fact when one has a functioning brain when it starts developing in the womb, how much does it recognize about life in general. Most child psycologists actually agree that human children do not outperform animals cognitively until they are least 12 to 24 months old.


Simply having brain activity doesnt mean you’re consciousn


It’s a philosophical position


So is a severely handicapped person actually person, and based on your criteria, it should be okay to eliminate him/her, because the consciousness is very limited.


“Let’s change the problem to teen pregnancy issues” is not addressing the abortion issue. If you believe fewer abortions are better, then at some level you must believe abortion is wrong and not the right option? Let’s discuss that. How are we going to free the land from abortion? Let’s talk about that before we begin the discussion on contraceptives for teens.


No. They arent a fetus.


It objectively reduces abortion


Are the teens and their parents paying for the IUDs? I haven’t said word one about that, and would not. From the beginning I have flat out stated I want the government out of abortion (either pro or con) and I want government out of in anyway providing contraceptives to teens (which is the government tacitly approving sex for teenagers). The government needs to stay completely out of personal issues.


You’re the one who brought up prevention


It seems the only " prevention" that some have to offer is abstinence or the rhythm method, forgetting that married people get pregnant too.


You are talking in circles. You said because it is okay to snuff out the unborn, because they didn’t have enough consciousness, or self-awareness, which I have documented for you, they don’t outperform a lot of animals until 24 months old. Your criteria leaves it open to killing people born babies until 24 months old Conscious awareness of severely handicapped people.

Now, because they are in the womb. Let’s go over fetus.

Fetus is a Latin term that means ‘little one’. According to most medical dictionaries, ‘fetus’ refers to a human being at about 8 weeks old until birth. . Before that time they are an embryo, which is a human being until the 7th week of life. The words embryo and fetus are like toddler and teenager,- they are stages in development in the life of a human being. So isn’t fetus, by definition human?


Yes. For the unborn. That’s a portion of the my philosophy. We arent talking about the born.


No it doesnt. Because being born changes the morality. They are no longer young fetuses attached to their mother.


Society always makes judgements beyond whether or not a being is human when determining if they should live


I want to reduce abortions because it is more invasive, more expensive and also more traumatic for some people that birth control.

Ok, let’s talk about reducing abortions. I think one way would be to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. One proven solution is govt assisted IUD. A Denver study showed a significant drop in abortions after the program was instituted.

As far as free the land of abortion, why not go for half measures that reduce abortions while you work on the elusive 100% solution?