Addressing the elephant in the womb


Quite the contrary.


Can a person be reduced to just physical processes? Is that the spiritual / existentialism that pro lifer’s employ? That humanity is just a beating heart pumping blood in an organism?


Not from your argument, or Mobulis’ argument. Or any pro-murder argument for that matter. You have no science backbone to your argument. I’ve explained the scientific position multiple times.


You are making a scientific argument about classification / taxonomy. The abortion question is a question of ethics and existentialism. Have you ever taken philosophy?


We’re explaining the basic science behind why we believe the way we do, and why it is correct. And I’ve poked a hole in your “well it has to be a person with consciousness” argument.


The great thing is I understand why someone I’d prolife…and I can respect that…dont have an abortion…everyone wins…

It’s the flipside that we have problems…prolifers dont respect pro choice views…they never really will…its an absolute thing to be prolife…


Philosophy has no place here. And that is false, I am not arguing taxonomy. I am arguing embryology, and in general, the medical argument, from what I know so far. OB/GYN’s also see that there is no reason to do a late-term abortion- either they induce labor or they do a c-section.


You’ve done no such thing. Some people believe life is more meaningful than physical reductionism of unconscious organisms and how they circulate blood. If that’s your argument for the meaning of what it means to be alive then that’s pretty cold.


I’m in the DC area, so though I couldn’t go to this year, yea, there are many religious people, but it is not exclusive to religious people. Heck there is always a small contingent of atheists that carry signs of ‘Atheists for life’, they don’t get harassed. I think it is common sense, people who think of it from just a human point of view, this is a person in the womb, and it is not right to kill this person.


Of course it does. Abortion has always been a moral argument.


The fetus is very much conscious. It moves in the womb; it feels pain.

Oh boo hoo you think it is cold? What about ending an innocent life for the sake of convenience? You obviously don’t have a problem with that.


choice is hamburger or hot dogs, not kill or not to kill.


Everyone’s views on morality are going to be subjective- so you really can’t make that argument.


Wrong. Not for a very long time.

I’m not crying. Although I do feel the question of what it means to be alive is more than “heart pumping blood”. I guess I am more spiritual than you.


Of course I can. It’s why we live in a democracy and it’s why many believe in pro choice.


We are talking about a young fetus. Not a child or developed human with a consciousness.


[quote=“ImRightYoureWrong, post:717, topic:120804”]
Wrong. Not for a very long time.

[/quote] Then prove it, with sources to back it up.

Not really. Not if you believe in abortion.


Are you going to take care of the non aborted children? Argue for a safety net / social programs? Or are you pro life as long as it doesn’t inconvenience you or effect your life? Besides, we are talking about young fetuses who havent developed conscious capabilities


My views are objectively more spiritual than your cold physical reductionism of the human experience.


At fertilization the person comes into existence. Everything that this person will be, comes into the process at fertilization. Is this a person, if it is, why is ok to kill this person. If it is not a person, on what basis is it not a person. Describe to me what a person is please.