Adderall Shortage Persists as Opioid Settlement Triggers Pharmacy Constraints

The months-long Adderall shortage persists nationwide and is now compounded by new restrictions on pharmacists related to the opioid crisis. As part of a recent $21 billion settlement, three U.S. pharmaceutical wholesalers accused of contributing to the opioid epidemic agreed to increased monitoring of pharmacy orders thought to be suspicious. A consequence of this, according to Reuters, has been that pharmacists across the country are being prevented from filling prescriptions for both stimulants, like Adderall, and sedatives, like Xanax, for the same patient.

Between the DEA, the FDA, and the wholesalers nobody is prioritizing the patients. The whole system has gone too far trying to control these substances to the detriment of people who need them.

This is where the rubber meets the road on mental health in the United States.

From DEA quotas all the way down, these restrictions need to loosen up. Don’t make people who are already on the edge jump through hoops.

Maybe the “doctors” will get more selective with their perscriptions?


More selection shouldn’t be a goal, when the filters are already straining out sick patients

They aren’t. More selection should always be the goal, especially with medications.

There is NO EXCUSE for patients to have such difficulty filling prescriptions.

How did the world ever survive without pills… :rofl:


So what’s changed in our nation’s factors that require this increased national drug use…is it a genetic or environmental component? “We” all know the answer and it’s the stress of the breakdown of our basic, family unit.

This is one of the side effects, IMO…of the “women’s lib movement” of the late 60s, early 70s. Congrats. It’s obviously a giant step forward for mankind. :roll_eyes:

With difficulty.

At one point or another the same old song becomes just that. Prescription methamphetamine abuse was a problem when the nuclear family was king. Back then it was advertised as a pick me up for the housewife……

Barbiturates, quaaludes - all legally abused by the middle class.

The opioid pandemic was killing the middle class and often people who were in nuclear families. That was the problem. People who generally shouldn’t have been susceptible to drug abuse became susceptible.
Your are oversimplifying… again.

Good. Adderall is garbage and destroys the heart.


Many didn’t, that’s how.


People didn’t survive without Adderall?


Many didn’t. Those who did, did so with great difficulty.



Sensory overload treated with amphetamine salts.



Scientologists must be rejoicing. Tried Aderall once and didn’t feel a thing. Although I was drinking at the time. Would never waste my money on it again.

Ask some veterans with PTSD from recent wars who take it what they think.

hmm? What’s the relationship between ptsd and Adderall? It’s for adhd etc.


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subtracting adderall sounds ironic

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I don’t know anybody with PTSD