ADD IT TO THE LIST: Hillary Blames Supreme Court Decision for 2016 Election Loss

Originally published at: ADD IT TO THE LIST: Hillary Blames Supreme Court Decision for 2016 Election Loss | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continued her worldwide excuses tour this week; asserting a Supreme Court decision regarding the “Voting Rights Act” had a major impact in her 2016 loss to Donald Trump.

“Now, I was the first person who ran for president in more than 50 years without the protection of the Voting Rights Act. And let me just say, it makes a difference,” said Clinton at an event hosted by the American Federation of Teachers.

“The latest remarks were seemingly the first time she alleged a structural disadvantage created by the Supreme Court. In 2013, the Court drew Democrats’ ire when it struck down a portion of the Voting Rights Act, which was passed in 1965 as a way to secure voting rights for African Americans,” reports Fox News.

.@HillaryClinton: "You can get the nomination. You can win the popular vote. And you can lose the Electoral College and therefore the election for these 4 reasons. Number One: Voter suppression."

Hillary now blames "voter suppression" as the reason she lost the 2016 election.

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) September 17, 2019

“Voters faced intimidation and harassment that echoed some of the worst chapters in our nation’s history,” she said. “Voter ID requirements amounted to a modern-day poll tax. Voter ID requirements, which were literally made up for the purpose of preventing certain people from actually being able to cast a vote that would be counted. We saw fewer voting places, long lines, and malfunctioning equipment — again, in certain places.”

To date, Clinton has blamed her 2016 loss on the mainstream media, Facebook, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, the FBI, James Comey, misogyny, racism, local newspapers, Russia, and more.

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