Active shooter at health care clinic in Tulsa

Or to protect.

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Like Japan?

Strong societal values and communal identity, as opposed to something more individualistic such as the U.S.

You could leave your bike outside a cafe in Japan and no one would steal it. They are that integral. Honor is a big deal over there as well.

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And one in Chattanooga today.

Because women don’t naturally have the testosterone levels for that level of aggression or willingness to take such risks:


Between the two, I’d take Chicago for sure.

Within the last two weeks, there have been two bomb threats at a hospital in Muskogee, and at Hillcrest, a guy said he would do “another Saint Francis.”

I think the stress of the economy, politics, etc. is driving people to doing things they wouldn’t normally do.


There are labor shortages as far as those needing a job.

They have their pick, could probably even land two jobs.