Active shooter at health care clinic in Tulsa

An active shooter just got apprehended at Saint Francis’ Warren Clinics. Will post more updates as soon as I get them.

ETA: Natalie building.

All of Yale is on lockdown.

Shooter is deceased; multiple people are injured.

Just horrible. I can’t imagine how frightened especially patients were feeling.

Confirmed that some people were killed.

Shooter killed himself. And it is suspected that the shooter had a grudge against a particular person.

What is wrong with this country?

How many more mass shootings are we going to have this year?

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I think more and more people are becoming desensitized- getting used to it.

It’s an issue that at least partially perpetuates itself.

And now for your regularly scheduled weekly mass shooting, America.

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Unfortunately I think your humor is well-founded.

I, too, am cynical.


4 dead so far.

This breaks my heart.

Do we even need numbers other than 0 any more?


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Getting to where you have to strap on yer piece to go get a ■■■■■■■ cut stitched up.

Nope. Probably a gun free zone.


Weird how other counties have gun free zones and we dont hear of mass shootings on a regular basis.

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That’s it. Time to arm hospital patients.

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The Natalie building has the breast center and outpatient surgery.

Lots of women and vulnerable individuals in the OR and waking from anesthesia.

No. Time to arm doctors and nurses who want to carry and take down the gun free zone sign.

Let the shooter play Russian roulette.

My my how soon we forget about Paris

Police received a call of a man walking with a rifle near a medical office. When police responded, they said it turned into an active shooter situation, according to Tulsa Police Captain Richard Meulenberg.

They aren’t fast enough. Arm yourself. Protect yourself.