Acting Secretary of Homeland Security just resigned

You can thank those that attacked this gentleman, constantly, without merit and doing so for no other reason than to perpetuate their agenda of allowing illegals to cross the border, get their insurance paid for by tax payers and access to government assistance, in exchange for their future votes. Libs are endorsing this corrupt insanity by being the sheople they are and just swallowing all of this garbage…to then regurgitate it like in this very thread. Libs are complicit in destroying this country.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that Trump has withstood the barrage of attacks levied at him that is many times worse than what McAleenan has had to endure and yet comes out swinging still.


Yeah, that’s it.

Thanks for the chuckles!

Just like that, the homobovines come out to kick up heels, do the circle dance, point at anyone but Trump, put the blame way over there, never hold Trump accountable. Moo moo moooo! Amirite?
These cons are hell bent on destroying this country.



All you have to do is listen to those representing Democrats, who are currently running for the office of the President…as to what they are promising for illegal aliens to know what I said is exactly true.

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Why did I not think this thread would consist of “Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Resigned–guess they will have to find someone else”, but immediately flew into all sorts of Trump hate.

Here…listen to what McAleenan had to endure from a pompous, disrespectful stooge whose righteous pretense was in reality, ironically hypocritcal…considering the rat infested, feces strewn, garbage filled area of the country he’s represented for over 2 decades and done NOTHING about it.

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Oh my, that was so “tough”. Lol.

Yes, Cabinet secretaries have to answer to Congress sometimes. They are grownup men and women and can do that part of the job.

From that clip, you can see in his eyes it was killing his soul to be doing his job the way his Master wanted him to do it.

But again, point fingers, blame anyone but Donnie, throw garbage at anyone who dare blame the boss, moo moo moo! Amirite??


Have you denounced what Dem candidates running for President have suggested that we tax payers provide health insurance for illegal aliens? This is a very simple question? Have you or…do you believe that’s what Americans should do?

Yes I have. All the time. And IRL. Which has nothing to do with the care that DHS is required to provide when they are in custody.

Yeah that must be why he just got canned via tweet. I swear y’all will say anything to defend him.

Upon searching, I couldn’t find any examples and you’d think it’d be easy since you do it…“all the time”.

It has everything to do with it. It’s the motivation for illegals to cross the border, overload the system and create the very environment you’re bitching about right now. Libs have been complicit in this problem. Hell…it was Obama who built the cages!!!

Yes that’s why I said IRL.

I generally don’t comment on it here because it’s dumb. I know I have though and there’s no way you could have searched all my posts.

Hell, I’ll do it. The pay probably ain’t too shabby, and I’m sure I’m just as qualified as whoever else the president might have in mind to fill the position.

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He’s distancing himself just in case.

We can do all that, without having to put kids in cages. Or we could, if there the kid cages weren’t for profit. And if the people in charge gave a damn about kids.

(Really we could, the US is smart enough to implement just about any immigration policy and still not put kids in cages.)

You do realize that those cages were to keep predators out and to protect the children from them? I am not for the mistreatment of anybody…at anytime and that includes “we the people” who are being mistreated by our government not enforcing our laws.

Are you willing to swear loyalty to Trump?

So in the last few days, it’s been the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Pompeo’s 2nd, and it seems there’s another one I’m missing?

Those cages are there to be deliberately cruel to children and their families and (perhaps) deter people from seeking asylum in the US. The profit made by running child cages is just a happy by-product.


He said that the Border Patrol facilities where all illegals are initially kept “were not built to take care of children.” In fact, the recent surge of younger illegal immigrants is a new trend.

He said that there are no cages but chain-link fencing that separates kids from adults, done for safety. “It’s chain link dividers that keeps children separate from unrelated adults. It’s about protecting children,” he said.