Acting AG Appears to Have Misled FTC Over Actions at Miami Firm

Trump just cant help but surround himself with grifters, liars and crooks…only the best!

"The emails also convey FTC investigators’s shock in October 2017 when – in the latter stages of their investigation – Whitaker was suddenly named chief of staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“You’re not going to believe this,” Evans, who works for the agency’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, wrote on Oct. 24, 2017. “Matt Whitaker is now chief of staff to the Attorney General. Of the United States.”

Best infrastructure week evah.


It is impossible to keep up with the breadth and the depth of the dishonesty, criminality, and venality of this administration.



The amount of scandals would have ended a lesser President by now.

This is what you get when shame is removed from politics.

It’s not like he’s the [looks down to check notes] the nation’s top law enforcement official.


I can’t find a comprehensive blist of scandals, outrages, shenanigans since he became president. Everytime an article list them there is a dozen more by the month out.

When everyone’s a member of the Deep State, lying is just good thinking.

I’m shocked that the man who was put into this position solely for his public comments about helping Trump evade the investigation turned out to be yet another shady liar with questionable morals.

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The sad part is that this is not what will earn him the boot from this administration. Corruption and scandal are typically rewarded by this horrendous administration and the horrible human being leading it. What will find him the exit is when Trump learns of this…

Oh dear…dissing Dear Leader.

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Whitaker should have stayed in the Screaming Blue Messiahs. They made some decent records.

He looks a lot more like Francis Black than Billy Carter…

Looks like they updated the article to say he did not mislead the FTC.

While they show that he was contacted with concerns about company practices, they don’t show he misrepresented his role to FTC investigators, as Bloomberg incorrectly reported earlier Friday.

Editing to add; I was trying to reply to the thread in general, not to you specifically Bodecea. :slight_smile:

This is great. Nixon’s AG eat your heart out.