Acosta's press pass returned by a judge

Okay fine. Let him back in. But put him in the back row and never give him the microphone. Problem solved,

Goid job Fox News!

That’ll make for an entertaining herd of drama llamas when he returns. :rofl:

You watch Fox News? Who knew?

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My thought exactly, if they have to let that grandstanding dumbass in the room so be it. Ignore him. Can you imagine him sitting there just fuming at not getting called on to ask a question.

Of course, along with other news outlets.

The snowflakes are going to be very disappointed.

Oh Trumpypoo is going to be maaaaaad.

The Tweets shall be EPIC.


It’s a great channel for comedy.

Has Trump sent out a tweet calling Kelly a liberal and demanding his impeachment yet?

You know, that would have been the mature, sensible solution in the first place. Instead, the WH had to LIE and put out a version of the video of the events to try to accuse Acosta of assault.

We’re 2 years into this presidency, and it’s still amateur hour.

And by the way, for those wondering, the judge that gave Acosta’s pass back is a Trump appointee.


Trump doesn’t like his tiny hands being slapped, I can’t wait for the tantrum.

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It will. But everybody knew this was coming. It’s easy to find a liberal judge to invent rights that don’t exist. The judiciary has no business tampering with Whitehouse press conferences.

Still. What’s wrong with letting him in and never giving him the mic? Seems like a perfect solution to me.

Sarah Sanders as well. :joy:

CAN NOT WAIT for the first time Trump calls on Acosta.

… If he calls on him.

He will, he loves confrontation… there have been reports recently that he mocks “reporters” that suck up too him since they “are boring and give him nothing to work with”…

Did you not read the bio on the judge? LMAO… He is a Trump appointee…

One thing that we know for sure. Acosta will never ask another question in a press conference. And there is nothing any judge can do about that. :blush:

It’s not over, yet. This is a temporary order until the case itself is sorted out. Seems the judge didn’t address the 1st amendment issues, just granted the TRO based on the 5th amendment issue.

It’s now…Jim Accostya.