ACOSTA UNHINGED: CNN Reporter Accuses Trump of ‘Demonizing Immigrants,’ Warns of Russian Meddling | Sean Hannity

CNN senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta escalated his war-of-words with President Trump over the weekend; accusing the Commander-in-Chief of “demonizing” immigrants and warning of continued Russian meddling ahead of the 2018 midterms.

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Not only is Acosta unhinged, he continually acts like a crybaby who has had his favorite toy taken away. As far as fraudulent voting goes, the Democrats always claim the problem is non-existent yet nearly every year at least one of our local stations runs investigative reports about numerous cases of dual voting, deceased voters voting, people going to the polls and being told they have already voted and non-citizens voting. If local reporters can find this information, it seems surprising that such a sterling reporter like Acosta can’t find it. Guess it’s not the kind of story he wants to tell.