Accountants Must Turn Over Trump’s Financial Records, Lower-Court Judge Rules

From what I heard on TV the judge told the Trump lawyers that they will loose on appeal so don’t even try it.

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We’ll see. What the appeal process does for sure is to make it take longer. Which will keep the liberals flustered for a few more months. I personally don’t really care. Yet another democratic fishing expedition. Just like the attempted Mueller redo. The whole thing is getting really boring. :sleeping:

A Washington, D.C.-based federal judge has sided with House Oversight Committee Democrats seeking to enforce their subpoena of Trump accounting firm Mazars USA, in a major ruling that breathes new life into Democrats’ ongoing efforts to probe the president’s financial dealings.

I guess this decision will be appealed, though.

Now, guess who is the Chief Judge in the DC District Court of Appeals?
MERRICK GARLAND!!! I’m sure he’ll be fair and balanced.


Well ain’t that delicious :rofl:

That is perfect.

I’m sure he will make his ruling according to the law.

Trump didn’t do anything to him anyway.

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I meant it- he will be fair and balanced. He should be on the SCOTUS right now, though. That’s the fun part- that he is in the court that will decide this issue.

Revenge politics.

Some judge huh?

Some people are saying Garland should recuse himself because of what Republicans did to him.


Many, many people. But wouldn’t that be rewarding McConnell’s despicable behavior?

When is the cut-off date for Trump’s court nominations? I mean, given the fact there there will be an election in only 18 months?

Do you agree with them?

altair1013, attorney-at-law, has spoken.


I can understand why Garland would be biased against all Republicans. It might be better for the country if he just retires.


Has he ruled already?

Dude. That may be the worst insult I’ve gotten. I may have to flag you. :joy:

MERRICK GARLAND is the Chief Judge of the DC District Court of Appeals.

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I think he is a moderate. So the President does stand a sporting chance. Right? But as for me, the constant fishing expeditions are boring me to death. I really don’t care anymore.

If he sticks to law without any personal bias…but can he do that?
That in itself is cause to contest.

Can anyone truly free themselves of personal biases?

No…not to my knowledge anyway. No matter how you try that under current is always there.