According to the media the concerns of half the nation are not important

According to a poll in late November, 75 percent of Republican and 30 percent of Democrats believe that it was very likely or somewhat likely that Democrats stole votes or destroyed Trump ballots to make sure that Biden would win.

The response from Democrat leaders and most of the media has been that accusations of fraud are the problem, not fraud itself. The response has been to stonewall any investigations or audits, to block or bury news reports, and to harass and prosecute people who question the results. The lack of transparency only confirms suspicions of fraud.

My observation that a democratic republic requires confidence that elections are free and fair. The current system is clearly broken. Here are some recommendations for future elections:

  1. Return to in-person voting with paper ballots marked by the voter.
  2. Vote counting equipment should no more intelligence than a microwave oven. No internet connection and no software updates from thumb drives should be possible.
  3. Poll watchers and third-party inspections should be allowed to observe and to do random checks of vote tallies.

This cancer will only grow if we ignore it.

Popularity is not a measure of truth. If “half of the nation” is wrong, they’re still wrong.


Evidence please?

And not something you read on facebook or twitter.


Can it be something I read on Facebook but printed out so I can hold it up?

“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”
William Penn


Perception is reality. Paper money only has value because people think it has value.

Election results only have value if people believe that they are credible. The system is already broken.


Biden will still become President on January 20th, even if you - and “half of America” believe the results to be fraudulent.

Your perception is not reality.

No it ain’t!

Perception is just that baby…


A Chinese puppet may seize power on January 20. He has zero credibility for half of the nation.

That is the reality.


So it’s like every other election?

“Important” in your thread title is key, I think. Elections have consequences. Time to move on.

Putting aside your claim to speak for “half the nation” - which is ludicrous on it’s face - “credibility” is an emotion, not a legal fact.

Feelings don’t determine who the President is.


That poll isn’t correct about the Democrats.

Thirty-four percent of Americans surveyed said they don’t trust the election results, including 72 percent of Republicans. Democrats widely accept the election results at 95 percent, while a majority of independents at 67 percent said they trust the results showing a Biden victory.

No. This it the first election in at least a 100 years to have such serious questions about legitimacy.

Ironically many of the same people who claim that election hacking or fraud is impossible were claiming that the Russians hacked the last election based on zero evidence.

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Other half. Russian puppet. 2016.

Same half. Islam puppet. 2008 and 2012.

Other half. Daddy’s puppet. 2000 and 2004.

Did they?

I got an air fryer recently and noticed that there was a warning to not put the thing in a hot oven.

The people who necessitate this warning have a lot in common with the hardcore fraudsters and are the reason we can’t have nice things.

A bunch of people running around with zero common sense causing things to be harder and more expensive for the normals.

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There are no “serious” questions about the legitimacy of this election, any more than the Birther movement put forth “serious” questions about Obama’s Presidency.

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The Biden family has received billions in investments from China, and China controls a large portion of the news media which colluded to bury news reports from before the election.

Biden has the legitimacy similar to that of Marshall Petain.

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Accepting the result is not the same. I will accept that regime even if I consider it to be installed illegally.

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And a whole bunch of Lawyers found zero evidence. And it cracks me up when I hear the argument that the fraud was so good that all of the evidence was successfully covered up.

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