According to Rush dem party is now party of old bitties

So who is running MSDNC into the ground these days?.. Hillary. Yep… And Auntie Ester Maxine of course. And Ms. Nancy Pewlosi. And Pokiehantas. And there is Dianne Frankenrealfinestine.

The rotten dems are run by a pack of real rich gossipy little old ladies. Haw!

When is the last time you saw a man spew the slogan… “I’m proud to be a dem”?

No wonder they renamed the Washington Monument to the Martha Washington Monument.

Sounds like today’s conservatives. Name calling middle schoolers.


Any thread that starts out “According to Rush” means the OP can’t think for themselves.

Good job OP!


This is what your second? Third? According to Rush thread?

Great job on quoting me Mx. Lou! I oughta upvote you for that!

Woulda quoted a famous lib talk yakker Mx. Guntsu…if there were one. Haw!

Is Rush still protected? If not, I have some **** to say.

I’ll preemptively say, turn off your radio and TV and try thinking for yourself. Don’t get your opinions from entertainers who use your ignorant loyalty to make themselves rich by making you hate others.


You missed this one!

Are you and @Abracadabra related in any way?

Yes. …

Rush is always right! He spots the essence of a thing, identifies it, and puts it out there for all to see…

Stunning Maxine Waters showcasing her fit figure in fashionable pants suit and well coiffed hair, clearly is the brains of the New Democrat Party!

I rest my case, Your Honor.


Wel lookie here! Now it’s a party.

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I see what the left sees in her Majesty, its like James Brown reincarnated, his wig at least.


I give myself 2 weeks before banning #3

I have like a baker’s dozen Fs left to give and I’m holding onto them tighter than a camels butt in a sandstorm.


Haha, your name came up in a “remember when” thread on the old
Forum, “If Michael Vick Were White…”

Try and keep it together :slight_smile:

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Ah, the dolphins with lasers and Brett Farve with cash thing. I think I lost most of those cheap Photoshops with the Photobucket changeover.

I’ll hang in there as long as I can. :grinning:

Sortin’ out my goto guys Mx. slim. You jes made the list. Congrats!

No one is right all the time.

Surprisingly - not even me…

Just to clarify - that last line was a joke.

Rush is right above 97% of the time so you’re fair close there Mx. Christian.