According the polls. It's over

Surprise! Just a gentle reminder in case y’all decide to get too smug. :grin:


hilarious how they are making the same mistakes.

-put up someone who is unelectable
-intimidate Trump supporters so that they hide their support
-insult Trump supporters, making it clear that they will be viewed as the enemy if the Dems are elected.
-laughing at the prospects of Trump being elected

all of which will play nicely into a morning after election where libs cant believe it happened and walk around with teddy bears and puppies, pouting if not outright crying and screaming at the sky. :slight_smile:

Agreed it will be amusing when Mr Trump wins a second term

Hmm and then five days letter, James Comey announced something.

I wish I could remember what that was…and wonder what the likelihood of something similar is happening this time.


Biden will be caught with his hand where it shouldn’t be.

Hmmm. I wonder if something else might be coming? :thinking:

Nah in 2016 America showed it didn’t care about that.

And then 9 days later that very same poll had Trump ahead by 1

In the latest results, 46 percent of likely voters support Trump, and 45 percent are for Clinton.


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Actually, not only is Biden electable, he actually has been elected to office multiple times - including 2 terms as VP. This ain’t Hillary we’re talking about

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Well Barr did make a play to rescue Rudy so he and OAN might have some John Solomon-brewed insanity waiting to be belched from the Death Star.

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Thanks for warning us not to get too smug, and for being such a great example of said non-smugness.


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I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Won’t we now? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hillary was said to be electable too…

-had a great advisor and first hand close up look at the presidency
-great network
-Cabinet member
-loved - literally loved - by her supporters… remember ? To hell with policies. I’M WITH HER

of course you all forgot that you loved her when she lost. :rofl:

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That article was from October of that election year.

It’s June now, so they’re ramping up their propaganda a few months early this time.


I hated Hillary and never would have voted for her. She was a flawed candidate - just as flawed as Trump in my opinion. My attitude in 2016 was that if you put a gun to my head and told me I’d have to vote for Trump or Hillary, I would have taken the bullet

Biden I will vote for - and a lot of current and former republicans are going on record that they will vote for him as well. Trump is actually going to have to fight for this election

The election has already been fought for. his strength is known now. He is an American who will fight for Americans. Proven. He’s none of the things that fear mongers tried to say he was. Battle is over, really.

Well he certainly fought to get to his bunker during the protests :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You’re a little late to the game, aren’t ya?

Let’s look at the current polling.

theres still time for two plagues, a dozen race riots and an alien invasion


lots of people feared and hated Trump then. So they voted for Hillary. Fewer hate and fear Trump today now that he’s proven the liars wrong.