Accidental Shooting Kills 5-Year-Old Child In Little Rock

I haven’t found an article saying the mom was arrested yet. Another did say that she normally kept the gun and ammo in different parts of the house.

Anyone really should keep their gun(s) in a locked safe - this is one of the reasons. I keep my defense gun in a biometric safe by my bed. It only opens with my fingerprint or a key that I keep in a locked drawer.

It’s the responsible thing to do - particularly when there are minors present.


Is there some particular reason you think she should be locked up before the investigation is even well started much less completed?

Your article doesn’t even say who did the shooting.

How about a lynch mob, would that be more satisfactory?

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If you have kids in the home there’s simply no valid excuse for not doing so. With the advent of rapid deployment biometric safes the excuses died.


Dems want to take away your gun rights… But won’t run on it.

This particular dem has made it apparent over the years his only solution is to disarm the good guys.


Fact: Firearm misuse causes only a small number of accidental deaths in the U.S. 1 For example, compared to being accidentally killed by a firearm, you are:

  • Five times more likely to burn to death
  • Five times more likely to drown
  • 17 times more likely to be poisoned
  • 17 times more likely to fall to your death
  • And 68 times more likely to die in an automobile accident

Fact: In 2007, there were only 54 accidental gun deaths for children under age 13. About 12 times as many children died from drowning during the same period. 2

Fact: In 2007, there were 999 drowning victims and 137 firearm-related accidental deaths in age groups 1 through 19. This despite the fact that firearms outnumber pools by a factor of more than 30:1. Thus, the risk ratio of drowning in an available pool is nearly 100 times higher than dying from a firearm-related accident for all ages, and nearly 500 times for children ages 0-5. 3

Fact: Medical mistakes kill 400,000 people per year – the equivalent of almost three fully loaded Boeing 747 jet crashes per day – or about 286 times the rate of all accidental firearm deaths. 4 This translates into 1 in 6 doctors causing an accidental death, and 1 in 56,666 gun owners doing the same.


Firearms accidents don’t even make the top ten when it comes to accidental deaths of children.

Thanks NRA!

I’m not talking teaching firearm usage & safety to children, & perhaps 5 is a bit early to start that. There’s responsible gun ownership & respect for firearms & teaching one’s child or children how to properly aim, fire, clean & store them.

There’s also idiotic & careless ownership & storage of such weapons. That the weapon was someplace the dead 5 year old could “play with it” shows this is the latter. Idiots!

Arrested for what?

Improper storage of a firearm?

Child endangerment?

Why in the world would we lock up adults who leave firearms so that 5yos can accidentally kill themselves?

No one is saying that we shouldn’t punish the parents for negligence. Just that it needs to be known that that is what happened and not an accident.

That applies in almost every case a child dies.

Say a child drowns in a pool. Was the child routinely left unattended around the pool (negligence), or was the pool gate not latched this time (accident)?

Say a child dies in a car accident. Was the child not in a safety seat (negligence), or did the buckle not entirely latch (accident).

Or in the case of a gun death. Was the gun left out all the time where the child could get it (negligence), or did they forget to engage the lock on the safe (accident)?

In many cases the answer may never be known by anyone but the parents in all of those examples. But if the gun owner had kids and no lock box or safe, than that could be an indicator of which it is.

Is “proper storage” a law there? Is there any evidence that there was negligence involving either the gun or the child that would warrant immediate arrest?

Children should be taught basic firearms safety as soon as they start showing any interest in the firearms kept in the home.

You can certainly wait as long as you choose to teach them bout how to use them but the safety aspects should begin basically as soon as they can begin to grasp the consequences of mishandling them.

Kids are naturally curious and when you combine that with “forbidden fruit syndrome” when firearms are in the home not teaching them early is a recipe for disaster.

We don’t at this point even know who’s gun it was or how the child got access to it.

Or did one of the older kids break into where it was stored and make it available?

Or did one of the neighborhood kids bring a gun into the home unbeknownst to the mother?

These people don’t care about justice, they hate guns and want revenge.

Freedom isn’t free.

What…has she been nominated for SCOTUS?

Huh? Trump nominated a guy who is a liar this time.