Abuse of power is not a crime

Former acting AG Whitaker appears to be taking the defense one step further than other Trumpie pundits right now.

Is this a sneak peek of what is to come after trying to deny he did what he did becomes a little too much?

These people have lost it.

This isn’t the right path for America.

What if a former acting AG of Obama went on TV and…

Oh never mind.

They won’t care.


I wonder how this will play with the law and order crowd…oh…that was just a selling ginmick you are telling me?


Oh that guy

Yeah… the guy who once marketed “Masculine Toilets” for well endowed men.

Not even making that up.


Well. It isn’t. Also he is the President therefore he makes the rules.

I bought 2


I’m sure all those rich and famous people in the middle of that admissions thing will be happy to hear it.

Nope, congress does that.

Not technically illegal…

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See, your mistake is taking them literally.

It’s just a phrase!

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Yeah…everything is in the moment phrase till you go against them.

Abuse of power is cool.

If there’s not a law called “abuse of power” it’s not technically illegal.


“Technically not illegal” we heard it here first.

Orange man…

If the Durham report shows that the Trump campaign was targeted for political reasons, watch the switch over to “well, abuse of power is not a crime”.

Yes, make things up to defend Whitaker

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