‘ABSURD RULING’: Trump Admin Responds to Judge’s Decision to BLOCK Asylum Ban | Sean Hannity

A joint statement released by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday slammed a San Francisco judge’s “absurd” ruling that blocked the Trump administration’s recent crackdown on asylum seekers.

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These judges need to actually read and understand the Constitution.

This judge is in Houston? Drop ALL of them in his neighborhood!

Instead of continuing the funding of South America countries and throwing money to the illegals in our country with welfare, schooling, etc., wouldn’t we be better served by using the money to address the opium addiction and veterans instead?

If a law is unconstitutional to overrule it the judge must point out the specific standing law that the new law is in conflict with. His reasoning should be in the public domain. If not how can our confidence in the judiciary hold.
Also, if the judge finds a conflict with current law the law should go back to the legislative branch for revising. However in no case should a matter of national security be delayed while deliberations are on going. The constitution is an American document for Americans. It is not a Global document for the world. Someday the UN might overrule American law in America, but that day is not here yet. Some are working hard to change that and sponsoring migrants is one of their tools to subvert American justice.

Not enough poor and discontented people in US today to foment chaos, confusion and radical change yet. That mess will end by putting great power in the hands of Government to make us equally enslaved. National Socialism here we come. Thanks, CNN, MSNBC. Thanks Democrats.

These judges on the left coast and Hawaii have been consistently siting what Trump said before his election and what they think he believes, rather than what is put down in black and white on paper. The Supreme Court has already told them not to do this but they continue anyway. And Justice Roberts doesn’t think that liberal judges let their politics influence them.