Absolutely no consequences, ever

This is not a conservative or progressive issue. It is not a democrat or Republican issue.

Name a scandal. WMD, Aspirin factory, Bay of Pigs, JFK, Pentagon Papers, Arms for hostages, Panama, Benghazi ………………………, Fast and furious, IRS, Iran Hostages …………… Gary Francis Powers.

When was any administration held accountable. Why would anyone expect something different today?

And why would anyone vouge for our intelligence agencies that are by definition above the law.


The government won’t hold themselves accountable. That is not a variable. (I would not support total anarchy either.) We need to return to the start, when the country was founded…to Classical Libertarian/Liberal (NOT modern liberal) principles.


Of course they wont be held responsible. A position is being opened up on the ethics committee and most of the republicans have basically said they’d rather get a root canal then take that job (not a shot at the GOP but that’s what they said)The executive branch controls the doj so nothing there. They basically police themselves when they want and that’s far in between.



yes the bush invasion of Panama to get Noriega

I do believe in oversight to counter some of this though. This administration has refused to follow any and try to hide behind the doj and executive privileges and so called total immunity. If a subpoena goes out from congress and somebody refuses to show up the doj should hold them in contempt of congress.


What is there to account for?

Personally, I’d like for any administration be it ® or (D) to be held accountable.

Personally, I’d like for our congresspeople and the agencies to be held accountable to the same laws you and I are.

Yet, they are not. Why is that?


To be fair Duncan was just held responsible

CIA Cocaine smuggling with HW in charge

all administrations do the same. All fight FOIA


I have no idea who that is. I surmise a semi low level expendable guy taking the hit for the higher ups?

Just a congressman, no biggie cofee boy …

Saw this…had to share.
Sickening that the actual downfall of this country will be due to those we “elect” to work FOR us , that WE PAY THEIR SALARIES , and our tax dollars will continue to pamper the LEAST hard working Americans that live here.

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Some state-level politician from California. lol

Thats what elections are for.

WMD, Aspirin factory, Bay of Pigs, Arms for hostages, Panama, Benghazi, Fast and furious, Iran Hostages, Gary Francis Powers… …there are no actual crimes in any of those.

JFK’s murder was a crime, but what administration do you propose holding accountable?
Pentagon Papers were a crime, but freedom of the press and all that.

How about Hillary committing the blatant crime of destroying documents and records while under subpoena? The Democrats totally covered for her crime.

Nope, elections are the only way to have accountability, and since Democrats are totally happy with their people committing crimes if it mans advancing their agenda, then in the end there is no accountability.

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Hes a member of the house of reps

Oh, my bad. Didn’t know that. lol