Absentee ballot fraud allegations roil North Carolina U.S. House race

Pretty interesting. Possible real voter fraud. The authorities have seized the envelopes with names/addresses.

In one county only 19 percent of the county’s accepted absentee ballots came from registered Republicans yet 61% of those ballots voted republican.

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You Don’t Say.

i think they’re getting desperate and knew that super majority was gonna slip away (and they had already lost the governorship).

If someone is trying to rig any election, they should get serious jail time.

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If voter fraud is found, it is my hope every participant gets severely punished and 100% removed from the voting process in their future. The integrity of our voting system must always be protected or else there will eventually be…another revolution.

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There will never be another revolution.

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It is becoming more and more evident that a Republican Congressional campaign engaged in an effort to steal an election, but it is barely a blip on the radar here. How would Trump and his army of sycophants be responding had a Democrat’s campaign gone around to numerous likely Republican absentee voters, illegally collected their ballots, and seemingly filled in votes for the Democratic candidate?

Trump would have had 45 tweets on it by now. The usual suspects would have 5 competing threads on the subject. Instead…relative silence.

This is what actual election related fraud looks like Trumpists.


Wiki open…you see Michigan is trying to do the same thing with the governor powers because they lost?

So is Wisconsin

We’d have more than 11 posts and it would be confirmation of voter fraud.

“Rigged” would make a comeback

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Jamie Dupree is the author of that piece… interesting… didn’t he used to appear on Hannity’s radio show quite a bit? As I recall, he did pretty good reporting.

Yup and Neil boortz. The single best hill reporter bar none. Knowledge, fair, the consummate reporter

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Yeah, I’m inclined to think something is definitely going on here just due to the credibility of the author. Dupree doesn’t do fake news.

He has active Twitter and Facebook pages which offer links to his written pieces. He interacts with his commenters very frequently.

A few years ago he developed a tongue disorder and almost completely lost his ability to speak. That is an interesting story too, and he has written about that.


Thanks for the pointer! I will have to follow him on Twitter.

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You know what this reminds of? Conservatives/Republicans railing against homosexuality and gay marriage and then…well, you know.

Wide stances?

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Republicans cannot win without some form of cheating. They are a dead party full of dead ideas who have been kept on life support through gerrymandering, voter suppression and election tampering.