ABRAMS GAINS: Georgia Governor’s Race 'Narrows' One Week After Midterms

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/abrams-gains-georgia-governors-race-narrows-one-week-after-midterms/

Democrat candidate for Georgia’s gubernatorial race Stacey Abrams claimed the race narrowed Tuesday night following a federal judge’s expected ruling that additional ballots could be counted.

“Democrat Stacey Abrams said she expects a federal judge to rule Wednesday in largely her favor regarding the federal lawsuit from her campaign filed over the weekend in hopes of forcing a runoff election in Georgia’s unsettled governor’s race,” writes Fox News.

Georgia is legally required to certify the election results by November 20th.

Abrams’ Republican challenger Brian Kemp called on the Georgia Democrat to concede this week; saying it was “mathematically impossible” for her to upend the election results.

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