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Is the lounge a new category? I am hoping on a Twitter style instant hangout in this new forum, too. Anyway I have my feet up getting comfortable, and enjoying the new forum. Have a good day, Bos’un

Well, this isn’t as sexy as I imagined.

@discobot display help

Looks like the admin hasn’t enabled the discobot. Would be helpful for new users that aren’t familiar with discourse boards. If an admin is reading this, here’s a link on how it works:

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Fortune Cookie:
A speedo is only as sexy as its contents.

As soon as I entered this subforum, I got a phone call from an escort service offering free samples…Then a truck pulled up and I found a case of my favorite Single Malt Scotch on my doorstep. And then I got an email with a back stage invite to the concert of my choosing.

What did you get ?