About that "transcript"

It’s available online. It comes immediately after the Ukrainian president says they’d like to buy more missiles.

Doing you a favor just this one time. The next time, find this ■■■■ on your own.

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Suddenly you don’t know how to quote text??

Makes me think that there is some Kompromat on him out there.

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We don’t have the entire exchange

Thy can’t even make the President look good in their own “memorandum” version of the call. Not good for Fat Donald.


7 more calls to go? Not good for Fat Donald.

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Tomorrow is going to be a complete ■■■■ show.

It’s a pdf. Do you have the ability to read a pdf? Why don’t you just read the whole thing instead of demanding people quote it? You want context? Read it in it’s entirety. Then you’ll have context.

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Weird, I don’t see the words “I would like you to us a favor though” anywhere in what you just posted.

Try again.

Don’t make me use laughing emoticons. I hate laughing emoticons.
The fact that you think this is the best proof shows there is no proof.

There’s no doubt. It can all be traced back to their golf outing. His stances have been night and day ever since.

Okay… those that are still Trump supporters… this is the last off ramp away from crazytown.

All the former times the car kept going straight but this is for real the last exit.

No more after this.


I already got my answer from others posting text having ZERO to do with the quOTE at hand… Thanks for nothing.

Just more dishonesty.

Here’s the whole thing. Context for days…

Why not? That’s how he operated in the business world, after all.

Oh…this is different?

“Do me a favor though”

Trump believes he’s a mob boss lol.


The defense for Donald is better than the 85 bears. LOL!
What a bunch of try hards, you all act like your getting paid or your life depend on defending this guy. I always joke that some of you may believe that trump is lord and savior, now I’m not joking anymore. :sweat_smile:


Does this incident not strike you as deja vu the 100 other “we got him now for sure” incidents they got all excited about? I just want them to officially start an impeachment inquiry before everyone starts to wonder “what the heck is this nothing all about”?

This is your last chance to disown fat donald before the ship sinks. What say you?