About that "transcript"

Famous last words:

“I would like you to do us a favor though…”


Weird how so much can hinge on the word “though.” But it makes it explicitly clear its a quid pro quo with that.

Yes. The personal favor for Trump is the point here. Not some debunked Hunter Biden conspiracy theory ginned up by the Alex Jones wing of the CEC swamp.

We’ve got to get our talking points in order boys …

The fact this is not verbatim makes it so much worse, you know juicy details and comments are omitted.

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Now who’s gonna jump ship, that’s the question.

Famous last words:
I will ask him (Guilliani) to call you along with the Attorney General… There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son…

Trump promised a full unredacted transcript. What we got was notes from the call.

Do you know the difference between a transcript and notes?

Regardless it clearly shows Trump asked a foreign government to investigate the son of a political opponent.

Lindsey Graham proudly standing on the deck of the Titanic …

Sadly, every idiot Republican in Congress gleefully went in the meeting, jotting notes, listening to Fox News, getting ready to take a massive crap on America.

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The transcript is basically edging the line of ‘Hey, that sure is a nice country you have there, would be a shame if something were to happen to it’.

Uhhhh, someone play Graham his speech from Clinton’s impeachment. We’re dealing with a completely different Graham today lol.

You know that will never happen

Captain Lindsay Graham of the RNCTrump, standing like a true Loyalist, listening to the band play one final tune as the ship slowly sank into the ice cold, murky waters.

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Welp, too bad. They can all don their MAGA hats and stand proudly with their corrupt leader. No one wants to stand next to a rat, as they still reek of the stench of Trumpism.

In reference to what specifically??

Post the entire exchange if you want to be honest.

Senior officials apparently tried to delay the call for weeks out of fear Trump would use it to pressure Ukraine into crafting dirt on Biden.

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Depends on what the definition of “though” is??

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Trump and the word “honest” don’t go well together.

Why don’t you post that exchange? If you want to be honest.