Abortion opponents will not seek a nullification referendum in Maine


The given reason is the cost and effort needed are too much.

The real reason is pretty obvious. They would lose such a referendum and give the left another public relations victory.

Instead, they took the smarter option and surrendered on the issue.

Abortion is a losing issue for Republicans and glad to see that in Maine they waved the white flag.


If libs can’t murder babies to compensate for their own stupid behavior at the cost of everyone else, is anyone really free? :rofl:


yet another win for the pro-choice side.

the people dont want their rights stolen by religious zealots.


Human lives are not just a political issue.

It’s much bigger than that.

“Thou shalt not kill”.


I’m not religious at all and think it’s killing a baby. Try again.


It’s a scientific fact that a human baby is killed every time an abortion on a human woman happens. Only the woefully uneducated think otherwise. :man_shrugging:


It’s the pro-abortion camp’s standard boogeyman. “Religion.”

SOME religions happen to agree with the science behind what an abortion achieves: It terminates a human life, each and every time.

Six’s statement needs repeating:

Only I’ll take it one step further. I think most pro-aborts know it, and simply don’t care. Their agenda supersedes the biological fact.


Of course. Because sacrificing your unborn to molek isn’t a religion at all.


Do y’all think the reasons to get an abortion are that black and white? Is it all about irresponsible behavior? Are y’all so prolife you’re willing to let someone die?

its the religious right pushing the pro-life side right now.

without religion factored it, it would be a non issue.


More pro-abort fear mongering.

Self-defense is a foundational part of USA law.

People who argue against abortion to save the life of the mother are actually few and far between. But pro-aborts glom onto the statements of those few and use those cases as human shields to preserve the status quo of abortions today.

And you’ll notice that in every case where such extreme bans have been promoted, they have gone down to flaming defeat.

Now, in light of the biological fact that, by definition, a human life dies with every abortion, perhaps you need to rethink your duplicitous polemics a bit.


Another post. Another dishonesty.


Killing others should be legal. You’re right.

lol. the truth 100% hurts.

without the religious element, the pro-life position would fall flat on its face.


I don’t even need to address the issue of whether abortion is right or wrong.

The question is, should it be legal.

EVERY TIME the American people have been asked that question, regardless of red or blue State, the answer has been yes.

Dobbs was the mother of all pyrrhic victories.

Alitio should have left well enough alone.

Women will soon have GREATER abortion rights in Ohio, Maine and elsewhere, than they had BEFORE Dobbs.

I don’t support every element of the new Maine law.

But I do know when to ■■■■■■■ quit.

Abortion crusades by conservative legislatures are just pissing people off and losing Republicans votes.

Pissing people off enough to take up the mantle of direct democracy and toss the legislature’s abortion edicts to the curb.

Anti-abortion activists won a very Pyrrhic victory in Dobbs. But they are losing and will lose the abortion war and possibly other wars because of the dragging weight of abortion.


It happens more than you’d like to admit. But are you saying we should force a woman to carry a non viable pregnancy to term even though it could endanger her health or life? I’m starting to think the whole pro life thing is a joke and it’s really just pro birth.

There were people who said the same about slavery. And every time that question was asked in the South, the answer was always yes.

Human rights – inalienable rights – should not be a matter of popular vote.

I’m sure glad that abolitionists fought against slavery in the face of popular continuation of slavery.

You say you don’t “need to address” whether abortion is right or wrong. The harsh reality is that you don’t want to face up to the human rights violation that your cheering for abortion “rights” supports.


With that, I agree.

They are pushing for far more than the current population can countenance.

correct. the majority of Americans supported Roe, as flawed as it might have been constitutionally.

pro-life zealotry is the gift that keeps on giving politically speaking for the pro-life majority speak volumes in every state that has had an ballot question.


I don’t know what kind of law you practice, but if I ever need assistance in that field you can take my money!

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