ABC Plans a ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff, Without Roseanne Barr

Good to see this. The show doesn’t need her.

Good News!

Who cares?

I’m glad, too. Good to see Roseanne’s dumb antics didn’t stop a decent show.

You do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have posted in this thread.

This just validates my choice to not watching any non-sports show on ABC in several years.

In reality, I wouldn’t have watched it with Roseanne in it either.

It will be interesting to see what kind of ratings the show gets. The first episode will probably be big, as many might tune in to see how the Roseanne character is written out. After that is anyone’s guess.

I am glad for the cast and crew though, as it wasn’t fair that they all lost their jobs.

Even Roseanne is on board with it because of that reason. Over 200 jobs in total

As I understand it, the plot and script plan is to make it look like Roseanne got too close to the truth about Pizzagate, so the Clintons took her out.

Yeah, it will be like Married With Children without Al, 4 touchdowns in a game Bundy.