Aaron Rodgers' Dad on Hannity radio?

Ok I missed Hannity’s radio show this afternoon, listening to it now.

Supposedly Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers’s dad has called into the show, unexpectedly, and Hannity is spending a lot of time with him talking about football and Aaron Rodgers.

But my understanding is that Aaron Rodgers and his family have been estranged for a very long time. And Sean doesn’t seem to know that, and keeps referring to “your son” and how proud he must be , and how he must love going to his son’s games. And I’m pretty sure Aaron’s dad rarely attends Packer games.

Anyway, the so-called Dad just obsfucates and changes the subject when Hannity makes those comments.

How weird. At first I thought it was a prank, but listening to how the dad obsfucates about his and Aaron’s relationship, I think it really was the Dad, who somehow used Aaron’s name to get through on the phone.

Really odd conversation. I felt bad for Sean.

Go Vikings!

I’m pretty sure A-Rodg is liberal.

I’m sure he is too. It was so weird how his dad was obsfucating their relationship. And weird that Hannity just took the call on air like that.