A worldwide crisis won't stop Trump from visiting his own golf resort

Remember when he said he’d be too busy to golf?

Pretty sure he has visit one of his own resorts almost every other weekend since he’s been in office. How much taxpayer money has gone into his own pockets?

Remember that one time Obama and Michelle flew to New York?

Let’s build a whole new WH on a golf course and I’ll bet…“we” will save money? :sunglasses:

Corruption is cool, as long as its the guy you support. :sunglasses:

No…not really. On a more serious note, I’m allergic to wasting money and don’t like it no matter which side is doing it. If there’s a law that’s being broken, charge Trump? If there is no law being broken, should Congress look at this and possibly create a bill against it? Why haven’t they done that? We’ve watched these types of waste in every Administration…so where’s the law against it?

I remember the unquestioned $200 million a day trip to India.


If the House passed one now…Do you think the “Grim Reaper” would let it see the light of day on the floor of the Senate as long as Trump is in office? And I agree, there should be something done so that at least the POTUS (whoever it is) is responsible out of pocket for some of the cost.

No ■■■■ because the present House couldn’t ever ■■■■■■■ do it, without making it totally political and rubbing President Ego’s nose in it. Now…tell me it ain’t so? :sunglasses:

Probably…but…For the sake of this exercise, lets say they didn’t make it political . Trump and CEC would say they were rubbing his nose it anyway…Say that aint so… :grin: And round and round we go…lol


If…they actually could come up with a bill that was sensible, honest and that every President going forward would be held to that EXACT SAME standard…it’d be an interesting proposition? Many Trump supporters are frugal and they used to be labeled tea partiers.

If there was any truth to that post, the former tea partiers, and/or frugal trump supporters would be saying just a bit about the doubling of the deficit…in a “booming” economy.


Something had to be done Guilds. The United States was losing it’s economy…period. Lowering the tax base was a stimulus at all levels and a serious enticement to repatriate dollars that left the country. It’s only been a short time and so far, considering all of the economies across the globe, I believe it was a good move.

On a side note…Do you think there should be change made on how the Senate works? Where one man can’t decide what goes forward to the rest of the Senate? Seems like there’s a bit too much power there.

I’d have to really give such matters more serious thought than I’m willing to donate on a Saturday, slightly under the influence. :sunglasses:

There’s some interesting analysis on this in fact.

Since 2016, federal government departments have spent about $130 million for Trump to hit the links. That doesn’t include another $13.8 million incurred in local security costs that the federal government reimbursed to the city of Palm Beach through spring 2019. If you extrapolate those costs to today’s date, the total local and federal costs for Trump’s athletic endeavors total $152 million or roughly $50.6 million per year for Trump to play golf. In the three years since Trump became president, no billionaire team owner, no sports organization, no company has paid a human being more to play golf.

Using Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes, Trump ties for 10th among America’s best-paid athletes and 17th in the world. Trump’s “salary” is the same as Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout’s, whose 12-year, $426.5 million deal was the richest contract in the history of team sports.

I gotta wait a few hours, got running around to do first… Then its therapy and telecaster time… :sunglasses:

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Fun stuff, can I play?


Cons have been asserting for years…tax cuts will stimulate the economy, and that will cover the tax cuts. That has literally never, happen, ever…here, or anywhere.
Does not happen when states try it (see Kansas)

Did not happen when Reagan tried it.
Did not happen when W Bush tried it.
Has not happen since Trump tried it.

The effect Trump’s tax cuts have had very little effect on the economy. A slight bump at best.

Those are facts.

Another fact, the US was not losing it’s economy.

The Trump tax cut was sold on the basis of two promised benefits: that it would lead to an increase in corporate investment and an increase in wages at the low end and middle of the income scale.

Neither of those effects were seen. A small number of companies implemented one time bonuses that cost far less than the value of the cuts they received.

The primary impact of the tax cut, other than ballooning the federal deficit was a huge wave of stock buybacks which inflated the stock market to the levels which it is now correcting for.

The 2017 tax cut failed to deliver as promised.


Yeah…I know.

Two years later the data show that investment has increased, with wages and job participation rising.