A warning for Bernie and his supporters out of NH

Lat time in NH Bernie was the clear winner beating Hillary by 22%.

While it looks like he still pulled off a win, he’s barely going to pull out a 2% margin providing the vote totals/percentages continue to hold.

If I were a Bernie supporter I’d find this at least a bit disconcerting.

The DNC is the clear winner. :sunglasses:

No argument from me, that’s a boil they don’t want to have to lance.

We needed a new thread for this?

Last election it was him and hillary. So votes were split between 2 people. Now it’s over 5. Hence the closer victory…

There case solved…

Regardless of how many candidates were on the ballot he’s not showing the same strength he had in 2016.

Again simple math clearly shows what happened…
There is no real story to be had here…

The simple math shows he didn’t have the same strength in NH that he had four years ago.

What part about the vote being split 6 ways is that hard to grasp? 6 is larger than 2.

You have no argument here


I have the facts.

Bernie did not show the same strength he had in 2016.

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You have. Nothing…

I have the facts, all you have is a circular vacuous argument.

You havent provided any facts…just an opinion and nothing more…

I dont think Bernie will be taking any advice from people who support Donald Trump. :sunglasses:

I missed where anyone here gave Bernie advice.

I love how concerned conservatives are for the “communist” they spend all day fear mongering about :rofl:


Right? This is about the time where we are told again that Tulsi Gabbard should be D’s pick.


Frankly I’m surprised Tulsi hasn’t switched parties. She really doesn’t fit in where she is.

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Yes I have, I’ve provided the fact he carried a far lower percentage of the vote than he did in 2016.

This assessment is indeed accurate. The expectations and projections were that he would win by a more significant margin and that Warren would have done better as well. Thus far Buttegeig’s performance has been a surprise.

I suspect Buttboi’s star will begin to flare out and reality will set in once he hits Nevada and especially S. Carolina.