A veteran's take on police training

I’ve happened upon a guy who makes very good arguments which would be a huge benefit in terms of police reform, namely making certain types of training (ie: time, distance, cover) mandatory for all police. He explains how it would save lives, both civilians and cops.

I’ll have to admit that I was quick to prejudge this guy based on his appearance and way he talks, but after about 1 minute in I realize that I was completely wrong about him. After addressing why he no longer teaches police, he goes into detail about how certain types of training ought to be mandatory.


Also has another clip on “police militarization” and his beef with “police warriors”.

Good video. Thanks for sharing.

He was very moving. It’d be nice if he had a position of authority. I literally cried when I watched Tamir Rice get shot…and for no good reason.

It’s hard to believe that police aren’t all receiving this type of training already but when you consider the examples he provides it seems clear that many don’t.

Better training seems a good place to start policing reform.

…and better pay, to attract a better candidate to train.

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He identifies as an anarchist and is an ex-con. I found several places where he claims to have been a “military contractor”, but no mention of when or where he served. Red flag.

Being an ex-con, I doubt very seriously he ever actually trained a single cop.

I watched the whole video. What he is saying is not “wrong” and he is not necessarily wrong about it not being taught to cops. It is also information readily available and I know is taught to at least some cops.

Most of it is straight out of any decent book on the fundamentals of CQB.

We taught every single thing he mentioned to all our students, including downrange. It’s a little deeper than what you will see on a youtube video, but not much.

If I remember right, Numbnuts Grossman includes it.

My conclusion is he is a fake, regurgitating other people’s material and quite possibly a militia member.


The first training cops need is a class on the Constitutions of the US and their state with an emphasis on the supremacy clause.

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What’s he a veteran of?

And not for nothing Smyrna, that is what many of us believe BLM is about. I believe in Black Lives Mattering, I am not a supporter of the methods of the movement.

That said…this guy should be training the trainers for all police forces. These situational issues make complete sense.

That’s an interesting read. I’m guessing you didn’t read it all or didn’t consider that he probably doesn’t think of military service as a badge of honor (at least not his) to be advertised.

As for “when and where he served”, I’d hazard to guess that as an anarchist, he’s probably not going to volunteer those details.

Also, I highly doubt you’ll find militia types who feel this sort of empathy:

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Why does that matter?

He claims to have been a contractor with no problem.



Why not? It appears that all you need are military credentials since more and more police like to play soldier. If “Numbnuts Grossman” can work his ex military credentials to whip up this stupid image of a “warrior/killer mentality” to his audience, why can’t any other ex military do the same?

Grossman is not an excon. You’re really struggling with this. I’m sorry.

I must have missed the part where he claimed that as a badge of honor. Also missed the part on where he mentioned which contractor he worked for.

Ok, if you say so.

Sounds a bit like a Sovereign Citizen.

Not as much as you, since it appears that you think cops are model citizens with discerning standards on who they’ll hire.