A very, very tough question for Trump haters

What if…………

While investigating The president, Mueller discovered that the Trump kept an unauthorized, undisclosed and unsecured server with classified, government information in Trump tower. And it had been hacked by foreign governments. While the server was being subpoenaed, The president had it wiped. And not with a cloth, with bleach bit. Deleting over 30,000 government related emails. To further eliminate evidence, the President personally destroyed his hand held devices with a hammer. After that, the Trump campaign paid a foreign agent to find dirt on his opponent. Then asked the FBI to investigate his opponent for colluding with the enemy. And the FBI agreed to do it.

What would your response be?


Lock him up!

Fix that thread title!

No hay problema!

What you’re describing seems quite clearly illegal.

What’s your point?

Bleach bit!!!


Not making a point. Just asking a question. What should be done in such a circumstance?

President should be locked up.

Hillary (in which this scenario is clearly based on) should be locked up.

Your questions and title seem to indicate that you believe all anti-Trumpers are Hillary supporters.


I was still in the IC when this went down and we all agree that Hillary should have been charged. So if 45 did the same then yes he should be too.

So what’s your point???
She loss get over it. It must be the cankles. LOL

My response would be that it would have been about the 38th worst thing Trump has done. The media would likely cover it for a day or two until he did something else insane to change the story.


Then he would need to be impeached and suffer any other consequences that comes about.

But I get the feeling libs will avoid this thread…and if they do participate they will only deflect.

I don’t believe your first statement.

To answer your second question, probably doesn’t rise to impeachable offenses. Probably should get an indictment after he leaves office though but that depends on many details you didn’t go into.

So why isn’t she?

Without due process? Without the presumption of innocence? Without charges or even evidence of a crime? Which one of these are you willing to eliminate in order to lock up the president?

Talk to DOJ, FBI, Trump. Republicans. They know the answers. I’m just a random internet person with an opinion.


Lock him up!



Guess what the “H” stands for?

Your scenario paints someone who was already proven guilty to these things.

CoJ and FBI are corrupt…and that culture of corruption runs lot deeper them most people realize.