A very simple question for trump lovers

Cohen has said his loyalty to trump has cost him everything. His professional life and provate life destroyed. He warns it will have the same effect on loyalists. My question is “Has being a trump loyalist cost you anything, personal or professional FB friends or friends in general. Family estrangement. Work colleagues turning off or on.”

Perhaps the opposite and you have found support friendship and comraderie

Enquiring minds want to know

This is indeed a very simple question…

No. It came close once. I had a discussion with one of my friends wives about not screening people before they come into our country. She believes that everybody should be let in totally unscreened and put on public assistance if needed. No ICE, no border patrol. She said she was struggling with my support of Trump. We came close, but we both decided to avoid politics and we had a great time last Saturday night.

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I live in a conservative state, I live in a conservative area. Being anti trump here is what gets you in trouble with your friends. Even had a discussion with a liberal friend of mine, had to laugh when I was giving her what the “new” democrats want and she didn’t agree with half of it.


I stopped discussing politics with my brother back when Jesse Jackson was running for President and he served as a Jackson candidate at the state convention. This is nothing new with Trump.

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I believe that and guess what, I don’t give a rat’s rear about tabloid mentalities.

I half expected the question to be “Would you leave your significant other in order to be with Donald Trump?”

I’m guessing that was at least partially because as a conservative your idea of what “new” democrats want is skewed. The same goes for liberals describing what conservatives want. No matter what there is going to be a lot of personal bias involved.

You’re offering this as a personal anecdote, so it’s tough to refute without calling you out. But it sounds like the kind of BS that fringe RWNJs offer up as proof that libs want to “destroy America”. :roll_eyes: I’m guessing I hang out with WAY more libs than you, and I’ve never heard ANYONE say such a ridiculous thing. Of COURSE we should screen prospective immigrants, just like people who want to buy a handgun. :wink:


Nope, gave her information on a law just passed in Oregon by Dems. Laws that have been passed by Dem’s in New York, and parts of the new green deal (along with medicaid for all, and no private plans).

Any of that made up?

I dont like hammering my elderly mother on politics so I leave her trump loving rear alone. My Commercial Landlord and I had a luncheon and he went there and I kept my composure and didnt challenge him on trump being sympathetic to him because he is a businessman. Lord knows a Failed one. . I just let him rant as I do with my clientele that support trump although most of my clientele dont. Its a fairly global mix. The Brits and Canucks will talk about it. Mexicans and Asians rarely do. Its pretty easy to figure out. East and West Coasters Hate trump and Heartlanders and Rust Belters adore him. For the most part I try and keep business and politics separate unless trump does something really dumb. You see how it ended for that one Nike store.

Nothing changed for me. My friends and i talk about politics regularly. We all were happy with trump winning. The area i live in supports trump.

I think that a good question would be, what would it be that Trump does, or has done which would be enough for you to not support him anymore?

We are truly products of our environment and that fact makes me wonder how solid our convictions truly are. The area and State where I live are extremely anti trump. Now if I moved to a trump town (Not Orange County CA anymore) would I start to lean loyal? I doubt it just like I expect many trumpeteers here to say they would stay solid even if they moved to Liberal Town USA.

I have a friend who is a Trump supporter. We still talk regularly but our conversations have changed to where we don’t talk about him. He has tried to convince me that Trump is great. I have tried to convince him that Trump is a con man and cheat. We basically decided that trying to convince the other was a waste of time.

I am not so sure its the environment more so the times we live in. Take ww2 for instance, a president that brought america from the weakest to being a superpower. It really didnt matter the political affiliation.

Interesting. You did say you come from a trump supporting area as does all you friends and that brings me back to environmental. If you were from say where I live , Hawai’i one is a real pariah showing any trump support. Most folks wouldnt dare.

Do you really think you would still be a Loyalist if your environment was an extreme opposite to what yours is now?

I dont think its the times at all considering all the corruption behind the administration and truly lack of accomplishment. I think it was just a glitch in the Matrix that the trump team helped create and took advantage of. We know trump didnt think he was going to win and perhaps now is regretting it.

I fired my dumb as dirt lawn mower guy after he spray painted TRUMP in huge letters on the bag of his riding mower.

No way was I going to allow that on my lawn.


Rather than make a whole new thread and piss off the mods I will just ask my next question here and that is, when it all goes south for trump, which it is more so every single drip drip drip day, and hypothetically were trump to finally be shown for the Mobster he is to the undeniable to even the strongest of loyalists, what will be the spin on why he was still good for the position of POTUSA?

I have no doubt you represented it accurately.