A vast left-wing conspiracy?

’It’s obviously a well-strategized intentional smear,’ she said. ‘The talking points are obvious. The words are anti-science, anti-medicine. She’s crazy.’ --Marianne Williamson, Democratic candidate for President

She is saying some of the the same things that many Republicans have said for years.

Is there a conspiracy in the media to unfairly target some candidates?

Or it just that the media is monoculture of similar leftist ideologies?

Anti-Vaccine, pseduo religious, mumbo-jumbo? Ayup.


Dems need to keep her out. They need to go with a befuddled has been or extremists representing a small minority. That is their best strategy. That and cry “racism”.

People are trying to keep her out for the same reason we want most of the others out. There are like 900 people running for President and most of them have shown nothing to indicate a serious amount of support that warrants them being on a debate stage with the serious contenders.

If you’ve been running for President for several months and are still polling at like 0% or 1%, what is the point? It’s just a vanity project.

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She is polling ahead of Booker, Gillibrand, Gabbard, Inslee, and O’Rourke in New Hampshire and her numbers are rising:

She won the Drudge poll after the second debate:

She must be stopped!

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Pushing the Russian collusion lie for over two years should be your first clue, second would be all the investigations they are ignoring like Durhams investigation, Judicial Watch.

vast left-wing conspiracy.

she won the Drudge poll.

come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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The media is the propaganda arm of the democrat party.

No Russian interference. Lol.

According to Williamson, much of the media is a propaganda arm of one wing of the Democratic Party.

You fail to say that puts her at 2%. Lol. Those others you mention are not going to be nominees, they are all bottom tier.

Donald Trump says the same thing and he’s lying too.

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Good point. The radicalized socialist wing.

democratic wings are for the byrd

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It’s a ruse to launch her magic crystals amazon store.

Come on you really can’t be this uninformed on politics can you. For one there is no socialist wing of the party. There is a corporate wing and a progressive wing. Media is run by corporations 6 of the in fact control most of media. A corporation loves people like Biden who is no where near a socialist he is more like you a GOP than he is a progressive. You just think he is a socialist because only info you listen to is the alternate reality of the CEC.


Goooooolllllllllllly…is that right? She’s now shown herself smart enough to be a lib candidate. :sunglasses:

True. :rofl::rofl:

Yes we get it bill, you don’t want sleepy joe to be the nomination. It’s curious why so many threads created to that same effect, it’s almost as if you are scared he might just put Trump out of office.

Either way, he will likely be the nominee, you can’t bookmark that if you’d like.

I like her.