A Utah lawmaker wants state judges to be elected, not appointed

This is one giant step backwards that definitely does not need to be taken.

We need to stop the election of Judges in this country, not enable or encourage it.

Currently Utah uses Judicial Nominating Commissions which recommend three to five candidates for any vacant judicial post. The Governor makes his choice from those, but that choice must still be confirmed by the State Senate. A successful appointee then faces a yes/no retention election every 6 to 10 years until he reaches mandatory retirement age.

I would eliminate the Senate confirmation requirement, but otherwise Utah has a fine system that does not need any major change.

But this bozo wants to throw all that out and introduce the stupidity of judicial elections.

Hopefully, the Utah Legislature will send this proposal to the circular file where it belongs.

I’m 100 percent against all three proposed amendments to the Utah constitution that have been introduced into the legislature this year.

1-Electing Judges.
2-Removing constitutionaly that all income tax goes to education
3-Instead of a constitutionally set day the legislature begins session, the date set by legislation and can change.

They all look like no goes to me as well.

The problem with judges is we’re being ruled by them. Appointing them is fine, if they don’t have absolute power and life appointments.

As it is, you are removing self-determination by the citizens.