A trump op-ed almost entirely composed of lies and misleading statements


This isn’t a whistle stop. It’s an op-ed piece. And it’s literally filled with lies. Why doesn’t that bother you?

I think of it this way - the POTUS works for us. He is our employee. We put him in place with our votes.

Would you tolerate an employee writing up a list of his accomplishments for you and lying about every single one of them?

And to be clear, we all know our employees are going to lie to us a little bit. Like ‘mission accomplished’ and ‘major operations over’ and ‘they will greet us as liberators’, or ‘keep your doctor’ or ‘no new taxes’.

Sometimes it’s an overstatement of fact, or a promise yo can’t deliver. And everyone does it from time to time. But a list of completely verifiably false statements in a piece you write, presumably with some thought?

That’s acceptable to you as long as you get a few judges and a tax cut?


No one is going to win an argument about “constitutionality” of judges with you, so why bother. No one wants to talk about regulations because they’re all technical and with very few exceptions, no one has any idea what they’re talking about. He did cut taxes, although he lied extensively about cutting taxes. The only one that is on its face a farce is “resorting American prominence”.

However, it’s interesting those are the only ones you focus on. You didn’t focus on building a wall, reducing trade deficit, reducing federal deficit, or any number of other campaign promises.


That’s four pages of lies by someone in his corner, there are much longer lists from people who weren’t on his side.



Yes he was.

the post after yours (there probably is a way I could paste it in this post, but I don’t know how) said “can you imagine the laughter form teh left if Fox had a fact checker?”, which clearly implies the right is laughing - as you very clearly were - at the WaPo fact checkers.


There’s nothing that obligates USA Today to publish an op ed that is laden with lies. It reflects poorly on their journalistic credibility.


Actually, no LIB will.

And yet you WILL continue to bother, so what’s your point, really.

I kept it short to accommodate libbie attention spans.


Do obama’s 8 years of lies negate the fact that Trump’s op ed had nearly one lie per sentance?

Also, how many pages of lies does trump have on that site for the two years of his presidency?


That is all well and good… I still don’t get what “Reestablishing America’s Prominence” looks like to you guys.

To me… it looks like we are actively retreating from the being the leader of the world and leaving a space for Russia and China to fill.


Oh. OK. Then all the rest of your post was baseless.

Keep on libbing!


Sorry - didn’t finish my thought.

Whistle Stop implies a speech. Speeches - particularly by Trump - are sometimes fast and loose affairs, where it is certainly - IMO - more forgivable to misstate or get caught up in hyperbole in the excitement of the moment.

This was not a speech. There is no excuse for lying in an op-ed.


I took literary license. I used to thing you were smart enough to recognize such things.

But nit-picks are all you can muster, so I’ll excuse you for that.



You aren’t making any sense.


I most people all understand the futility of challenging an opinion held so firmly as to be dogma. I’m not going to do it. We will see if anyone else is interested in going down that rabbit hole.

And you end with a petty insult. I guess that’s what we should expect by responding? If you ever wonder why what you say is ignored, this is why.


It’s not nit picking.

I am more willing to forgive lies or exaggerations in speeches, which are often free rambling affairs. But when you write something and disseminate it, IMO it should be accurate.

I realize you don’t care, and that surprises me.


You never will. When you come from a perspective of seeking disagreement, you’ll find it.


My response to your partial thought applies to the full thought.

Thanks for sharing though.


I get it man… you don’t want to have to defend the indefensible so you instead lash out at “libs”

I don’t envy you.

You keep doing you my man.


Obama lied on the reg, but I don’t expect you or Politifact or the WaPo to acknowledge all of them. That list are just the one’s they couldn’t run cover for, as I said there are much, much longer lists out there.


Of course not. You’re just looking for disagreement. And you’re a lib.


Because many posters here are just plain ole run of the mill partisan republicans.

Heck, the closer we get to the election the more all these republicans (even some that have been critical of Trump’s sleazy and vile ways) fall back into the Republican group. Posters like @Joanne and @Tguns appear to now be holding hands with Ish and 5x5 to win elections.

Same ole same ole.