A Timeline of the Russia Fiasco

I thought someone other than me might find this interesting as well. I found a website where someone has made a spreadsheet that lists in chronological order: dates, sources and links to open sources where he got the information. It really provides an easy way to look at what happened and when.The amount of work this guy put into a timeline of this whole Russia collusion fiasco it is phenomenal,

I hope you find this interesting.

Doug Ross @ Journal

Here’s his website: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-timeline-of-treason-how-fbi.html

The timeline can be hard to read on his website so he provided a link to a better google doc version.


There is also r eddit keep track

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That would be too “redpill” for this group.

Wow. Thanks for this.

First three in 2014 have really NOTHING to do with russian involvement:

Can’t cut n past so synopsis

First one, House committe agree’s to release clinton e-mails. OP how is that part of the Russian collusion or involvement?

Second one, Clinton IT guy goes on reddit asking for help deleting VIP email addresses. OP how is tha tpart of the russian collusion or involvement?

Third one, Clinton teams instructs the evidence be deleted from backup devices.

After just those three I’m not going to go through an entire list that have events that most likely don’t involve russians in any way.