A Tangent of the Stormin' - 0 Degrees of Separation

Not just because. There’s also conservative privilege at work. Cops see the “blue line” bumper sticker and forget how fast a right-wing radical will kill them. It catches them by surprise over and over and over.

I wonder if BLM supporters would have defecated and smeared their own feces in the US Capitol as Trump supporters did?

I have seen no evidence of bumper stickers?

But primarily because they were white?

Most likely. They would’ve also set fires and killed more people. Rape-free zones and all.


Who issued the stand down order?



White and conservative. Those two have to overlap for police to be so relaxed that they let a building with the #2 and #3 line of succession get overrun.

But dark skin is enough on its own for the cops to get brutal.

Sounds like fanfic to me, but who knows.

Equal proportions?

But dark skin is enough on its own for the cops to get brutal.

There we go.

Sounds like the same pattern that’s been happening all year, except only now they’re “rioters”.


Except this group didn’t burn, loot, and kill. Would have been mostly peaceful if they had of course.

Critical Race Theory has achieved one of it’s goals - everything must now be viewed through the prism of race. Everything.


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Actually they did loot and there were deaths.

No flames though. Is it really mostly peaceful unless a structure is burning? I guess that’s a question for media philosophers .


There were crimes committed, just nothing on the scale of leftist hate groups.


Amateurs in comparison.

Our side isn’t meant to be on the offensive. They should stick to what they’re good at.

When was the last time “Leftists hate groups” stormed the Capital, broke onto the House floor, stole documents etc?

They were too busy burning down neighborhoods, murdering people based on skin color, and looting big screen TV’s.