A tale of 2 scandals involving elected GOP officials in GA

There are 2 scandals that have really hit the news lately involving GOP elected officials in the state of Georgia. The first one has been brewing for a while, and involves Speaker of the House David Ralston. In addition to being Speaker, Ralston also happens to be a licensed attorney. He has been using his Speaker position to delay cases for years as a criminal attorney. This one is covered here:

The second story hit today, and involves the GA insurance commissioner Jim Beck (who has just been in office for 2 years). He has been indicted on 38 counts including wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering. That story is here:

All I can say, as a former Republican, is that in the Trump era, there is absolutely nothing that surprises me about this party any more.


Had to fix the 2nd line - I erroneously posted the same link twice.

That’s some dirty stuff right there.

The sad thing is this won’t hurt the GOP one bit in Georgia.


I don’t know - the GOP governor barely managed to eek out a victory in 2018.

I should have said it won’t hurt the GOP with white voters. Georgia, Alabama, and other southern states are extremely politically segregated. Changing demographics is why the last election was so close.

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Watch for the gerrymandering they do in 2020.

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They are RINOs. No red-blooded, gun-totin’ republican would ever do that.

Elect them for president…seems to be the new cool with the gop…

Drain the establishment swamp…