A Supreme Court Case Could Liberate Trump to Pardon His Associates

Now, you will see the state’s rights folks fall silent or flip flop on this issue (thus ceding more power to the centgov).

Just watch how they justify it.

Click bait, i hate click bait. We have 4 members on the bench who have demonstrated a propensity towards restoring basic authorities back to the states and removing the federal courts from the equation. Do you see Kavanaugh as the kind of justice who would side with the likes of Ginsberg and Sotomayor to help keep the fed gov preimmenant in all things formerly left at the state and local level?

I’ve read Hatch’s filing. His argument seems to be that federal prosecution is overreaching; more simply put: the federal criminal code has too many crimes in it. He’s arguing that crimes like Gamble’s are better left to state prosecutors.

I honestly agree with Sen. Hatch.