A song in memory of the thousands of German Nazis who somehow never got deported

Warner Von Braun was an officer in the SS and card-carrying member of the Nazi party starting in 1937.

He was hardly alone; the CIA helped thousands of Nazis immigrate to the US, including many wanted for war crimes.

Should Americans who helped German Nazi lie on immigration documents and cover up their past misdeeds face justice?

Or were they just being good Germans?

Without von Braun, we don’t have a space program.

Was it worth it? I have no idea.

Somehow the US has managed to find and deport non-Germans who allegedly collaborated as prison guards in Nazi death camps, but I find no case of deporting ethnic Germans.

Were the non-Germans somehow much more evil than the thousands of German Nazis that the CIA helped to immigrate to the US? Or were they just not as good at rocket science and did not have intimate knowledge biological weapons gained from Nazi “medical” experiments?


The above is probably correct.

And that’s why the US has been helping Israel since the end of WW2. Assuaging the guilt of letting all these guys into the country because we needed/wanted their expertise by supporting a country that actually has no right to exist and does so only by right of conquest.

(And no, II’m not anti-Jewish. Just think that they could have chosen a better place for their Jewish state than a country surrounded by people who hate them and always will. )

The Jewish heritage in what is today Israel stretches back thousands of years.

Maybe the people who hate them for having the audacity to breathe the same air should stop hating them.

Weird thread.

Conquering nations have forever taken the spoils of war of the defeated nations. Why taking the intellectual resources is so much different, I’m not sure. We repurposed hardware that we captured. Why would we not repurpose intellect of our enemies for our own use?

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We took the leftover V2’s and we took the German scientists.

As I said previously, when ANY nations self interest is at issue, principle goes out the window.

We were not making any progress in rocket science and we wanted to stay on top and ahead of the Russians.

That reality made the fact that these guys were Nazi’s irrelevant.

We NEEDED their knowledge.

Was it the right and moral thing to do. No.

But countries NEVER base their decisions in morality. They solely do so in utility.

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So the US government collaborated with Nazis to help to develop military technology.

Many decades after the war the US government has been deporting elderly men based on alleged Nazi collaboration. Of course the deportees have claimed to have been forced to work with the Nazis by threats of execution or imprisonment, but the alleged threats are not a valid excuse.

Do you see any irony in this history?

Jet propulsion too. The Americans were shocked by just how forward thinking German engineers actually were in regards to jet propulsion, swept wings, flying wing design, transonic stability, etc.

Nazi Germany was a goldmine of jet propulsion knowledge. The Junkers Jumo 004 and BMW 003 were way ahead of their American and British rival designs.