A sizable shift on Americans thoughts on where covid originated

This number was 30% in April the percentage of Americans who thought Covid 19 came from the level 4 Wuhan virology lab a couple hundred yards from the Wuhan wet markets. Today that number is 58% according to a new Economist/Yougov poll.

58% of Americans now put the origins of COVID-19 in a Chinese laboratory.

Broken down by political affiliation
2 out of 3 independents (65%)
3 out of 4 Republicans (77%)
2 out of 5 Democrats (43%)

It seems the longer this goes on with the CCP ducking calls for data and new stories emerging their is little trust in the communists of China these days. I am sure the concentration camps isn’t helping their trustworthiness, our biggest trading party ladies and gentlemen,


Based on what evidence? Feefees?

based on science. and common sense


Ignoring the truths?

Ya it looks far more likely this is were it came from. The CCP aren’t helping their cause by the way they have acted and silenced people from the beginning.

It also doesn’t help this happened on the doorsteps of the biggest virus lab in China that happened to house the largest number of coronavirus samples in the world. It almost seems like a conspiracy theory it didn’t leak from the lab at this point.


Glad the rest of the nation is finally coming around.


What science are you referencing? Show it

Has there been a scientific conclusion yet?

Like the other thread alluded to, it’s based on what ever truth fits within one’s comfort zone and biases and ideological perspective.

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No there is this thing called evidence. Where is it?

It’s interesting to see this shift in the Trump side of the Covid views. Not too long ago we were being told that it was just the flu and that one day it would disappear like a miracle.


Do you KNOW the TRUTH?

Well, “following the science” ‘n at.

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Really…I guess you didn’t see my Feb and early March 2020 posts then.

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No precisely.

Science exists.

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Very good article, this is the article that pulled me towards the lab leak hypothesis.

It really does.

Where is the evidence?

It makes ZERO sense for China to do this. Their economy is directly tied to the rest of the world buying the products they produce.