A School Teacher

So just wondering. Do you think you would cut out to be a teacher: lower school, middle school, or upper school? What subject would you teach that would be within the area of your expertise and what would you do to peak the interest of students that would keep them engaged in your class? Think of this as if you were a teacher at a private, independent, college preparatory school.

Oh come on. Surely the well spoken among could do that job, right? What a great chance to influence the youth of America. Don’t be afraid to stand up in front of a group of 15-year old’s and try to be coherent. Tell me how it’s done. Don’t be afraid to tell me me what you think. Promise I won’t give you a detention.

I couldn’t teach teenagers. I lack the requisite patience.

i couldn’t be a teacher. i respect anyone that can.

This is politics how?

I teach children with autism in a middle school. All subjects and basic life skills.

I hear you BlackWolf. I didn’t think that at first either. I never believed in my life that I would become a school teacher. I was a Ph.D. academic looking for a job back in the 80’s. My early publications, no matter how well regarded (and they still are), didn’t land me my dream job. A friend got me into teaching and I didn’t look back. I don’t think there is anything more rewarding in the world than to have the respect of young kids. They remember it forever. And now I’m teaching the kids of kids that I taught years ago. Super rewarding.

So if you guys here want to have a discussion about education, please keep me in mind.

No, it’s not exactly about politics. Perhaps tangentially. Apologize for the possible misnomer.

While I couldn’t teach at that level, my brother-in-law teaches kids with a variety of developmental disabilities. He comes home with scratches on his arm and neck sometimes. He’s mellow and patient enough to handle it. I think he even likes it.

Almost went that direction, but the lure of corporate America and creating/developing/writing/maintaining software to benefit others was too great. However, I went ahead and coached High School track 5 years as a volunteer assistant and 10 years as Head Coach for one of the local High Schools here. It’s not all about track, but teaching life lessons too. Also, help them as a extra tutor with their school work in mathematics and Java programming classes.

I bet he likes it!

I bet he likes it!

Good for you. Coaches and tutors are great.

I have daydreams about being a history teacher… but I know full well that it won’t work out like I imagine it would.

I’m at the point of my life where I’m looking back & wishing I could have a redo.

One thing I might do differently, as I majored in foreign languages, is teach. Teenagers in Florida during the time period I graduated might have been difficult, as many took two years of a foreign language merely to meet the requirements of two years of a college prep course of study.

But those going beyond that two years often are more interested in learning. And there’s always teaching new immigrants English as a Second Language as many want opportunities outside of their own communities.

Have you read the book by William Buchanan or seen the movie “A Shining Season”, about the late track coach & teacher John Willard Baker? Mr. Baker died back in ‘70 from a germ cell testicular tumor at 26.

Both are tear jerkers. But there’s a lot to be learned & you might like the story.

Interestingly enough, Albuquerque’s Aspen Elementary School was renamed Baker Elementary, & no one voted no.

Interestingly enough a burned out teacher in his early 60s was working with me a few years back.

His area was history & one of the reasons he cited for giving it up was the inflexibility of equal curriculum & standardized testing.

“Janet do you really think an advanced student should be learning in the same room as one with a 60 IQ from Downs’ Syndrome?” Probably not, Bob.

He cited those who could score high on standardized tests, but not write one coherent paragraph on any historical topic.

History is a fascinating discipline for those who love it to teach, though.

Before my health took such a turn for the worse I was working towards becoming a teacher.

History and English comp were the areas of interest for teaching if I had made it. I think I would have preferred 7th or 8th grade or Freshmen to Seniors in High School.

You are probably the 3rd person in the past year that has recommended this movie. I definitely will try to check it out.

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I went to college to be a teacher but went down a different path after college.
I don’t think I could do it now.