A 'Scary' Survey Finding: 4 In 10 Republicans Say Political Violence May Be Necessary

The level of distrust among Republicans evident in the survey was such that about 8 in 10 said the current political system is “stacked against conservatives and people with traditional values.” A majority agreed with the statement: “The traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.”

The AEI survey found that partisan divisions were also evident along religious lines. About 3 in 5 white evangelicals told the pollsters that Biden was not legitimately elected, that it was not accurate to say former President Donald Trump encouraged the attack on the Capitol

This should make everyone a bit concerned. Especially conservatives that did not get on the Trump train.

It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

I can’t help but thinking that this is being fueled by Republicans at high levels that will not tell the truth that this past election was fair.

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I tend to look at actions rather than words. There was the capital riot (Which was wrong) and then the summer of love (Also Wrong) which lasted a lot longer and the rioting and damage received far less attention after George Floyd which lasted from 60-90 days of boarding up downtowns with the goons coming out at night and a major city surrendering six city blocks to Marxist thugs right down the street from were we live.

While I don’t discount the poll there was one also done by the NYT’s were it showed both parties in a very high percentage perceived the other side as “Evil to its core” separated by everything from culture, religion, politics, race, and identity.

Politicians nor the media aren’t helping, as for whatever reason they can’t pick up a world history book and see what happens to societies divided on every aspect that can be found. For whatever reason don’t feel something like Yugoslavia can’t happen here it can and has in highly diverse societies in the past. My fear has always been it could just take a single event to spiral things out of control.


America is an incredibly divided country over who won the most recent election in order to determine who should do all the same things as the other guy and how the people they don’t like will still be incredibly mad about it.

So…democrats think violence is necessary to promote social change. So why should republicans be any different to us violence to protect their social, political. culture, tradition and heritage.

Or only libs can use violence?


$10 a gallon gas by the end of summer will bring utopia

hello Weimar …

who needs history

I understand libs think they’re special.

Libs VP think it’s political violence is necessary. You’ll voted for her.

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Obviously OP cares.

Does he really?

I wasn’t on the Trump train and I think it might be needed in the future.

The government was designed to operate in a tiny little box of things it was supposed to do.

Times changed and things came up the government needed to do in some cases, wanted to do in others.

Rather than amend the constitution as required to expand the box of government they just ignore the box entirely, and we’ve pretty much passed the point of being able to peacefully put it back in its box.

The sad thing is: If the fed government had staid in its place and the states were left to control the things they’re supposed to we wouldn’t be at each other’s throats constantly. It’s only because we’ve let the federal level get so huge that both sides are desperate to use federal power to impose their desires on everyone else.


We watched D throw the first punch all summer.

A handful of R retaliate and the Media complex goes overboard.

So be it.


That result was “a really dramatic finding,” says Daniel Cox, director of the AEI “I think any time you have a significant number of the public saying use of force can be justified in our political system, that’s pretty scary.”

It’s to be expected, not scary. There is no such thing as an an angry crowd with infinite patience. The rest of the population has to decide whether or not they should be met with greater violence in return, or accommodation.

Depends on what they want. If they get all MAGA and stupid, they’ll probably fail. If they get violently angry for the working class, they can be successful.

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Yes only libs are allowed to be violent. If conservatives get violent it would be an infringement of their “rights” as libs.

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Our government is now being run by a figurehead monarch named Joe Biden…

Mr Biden’s actions are I believe being guided and certainly enforced by a mob of left wing political figures, entrenched bureaucrats, and BLM and Antifa.

Sound like a nutty conspiracy?

How many executive orders has he signed? During the last summer what was the message sent as mob violence went wild across the country…those weren’t Republicans looting Nike and telling the world its cool they’re insured it’s reparations. During the election how much time did big tech spend hiding things like the Hunter Biden story? Since the election you’ve had nuts like AOC calling for…what was the phrase…truth commissions. Freedom of speech is currently under assault.

Oh I know Jan. 6…you know what we learned from Jan. 6? We learned that there are idiots in America and whether they can be aligned with the left or the right they need to be arrested and prosecuted, convicted and jailed. Conservatives don’t sit around claiming “%93 were peaceful”. A much higher percentage than that had nothing to do with Jan. 6.

The other thing we learned and I think has been underplayed from Jan 6…but I think people noticed…when it’s our workplace, our Wendy’s our Auto parts store or boutique we opened with our life savings. When it’s our workplace on Kenosha or Portland or Minneapolis the entrenched leadership in DC doesn’t care…when it’s their workplace they’ll bring the full force of government down on the people they think are involved and that they want to crush.

There is a power grab going on folks…I hope and expect conservatives to work peacefully to stop the left before it changes this country forever. There might be a fight somewhere sometime…I don’t expect conservatives to be the ones who throw the first punch. That’s why Antifa and BLM exist.


The Most Dangerous December.

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why isn’t it scary that the left actually did commit widespread violence all summer?

oh right. because NPR


Didn’t you hear…it was reparations…Nancy Pelosi said people will do what they do…those businesses were all insured anyway right!

I know I missed a bunch there but…well you get the idea.


Not a good idea to ignore the consent of the governed.