A request- Please stop with the "you want people to die" posts

My mom and dad are in their 80’s. My dad has COPD. I don’t want anybody to die.


Um, nope.

That’s what she’s saying. Seems rather happy about it too.

We’re not first in number of Corona virus deaths.

No one cares about Hillary. Sorry

Hillary just can’t help herself.

She is a sick, twisted ■■■■■

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Apparently ya’ll didn’t read the OP

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Hillary is making smartass comments about people dying, and you embrace it. Why can’t I?


:point_up_2: :man_facepalming:


What’s wrong with what she did? I haven’t seen anything decrying it.

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Here @JayJay. Have a hug.:hugs:

Should have put a GOPer as the author, THEN you would see some people lose their ■■■■ instead of the “meh” response you get about the actual author. :wink:


You guys really can’t understand that the OP was about us as posters here. How sad.

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This post wants people to die!


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I was replying to a specific post and it’s content.

How sad you can’t understand THAT.

Nah, Queenie just wants y’all to celebrate America First, dude.

Play along with her.

She seems rather happy about America being first in that regard under Trump.

A simple request by @JayJay that posters stop telling other posters they hope for sickness and death turns into a 50 post hillary cry fest.

You can’t make this stuff up

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I was just having fun