A request- Please stop with the "you want people to die" posts

Don’t misunderstand me. I am in no way defending ANYONE in the accusation made in the op.

It is dirty posting to do that.

My point is that it’s not the one-sided coin that libs seem to be making it in this thread.

If you’re going to call for an end to something, it’s worthless to do so if you aren’t willing to see it in yourself and pledge to stop it too.


Agreed 100%. I do not believe conservatives or liberals are interested in rising death tolls here.

Take a breath dude, and stow the ersatz indignation.

I didn’t have to put words into anyone’s mouth. Including yours. Your own words are there plain as day.

That is disappointing. You are a poster I really admire. So be it.

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What is so difficult to understand about the OP? If anybody hasn’t done so, I second that. All in favor, say aye.

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To quote yourself:

][quote=“toreyj01, post:79, topic:229064”]

That is disappointing. You are a poster I really admire. So be it.

Your post was directed at only one side.

You could have replied, “Well, I didn’t really mean for my statement to come across as one sided…” But no, you chose to denigrate me for pointing out what you said.

So be it.

Libs in this thread took umbrage at the notion that they have done precisely what is being paid on Conservatives.

I gave examples from three such libs. I really don’t want to have to do it for you too.


Relax bud

Damn. If that post sounded bitter to you, I really can’t help you further.

Look. I gave you a quote of you doing what you and your lib colleagues are complaining about. That should be enough for you to slink away in shame. But I really don’t expect that from any lib here.

So be it.

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And stop…

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You are correct…

Yep. This COVID thing is the only time I’ve seen the claim of others wanting people to die, which is different from the claim of not being as concerned about it, which is what was showcased in the quotes. Relative concern over matters of death is a common political debate (ex, terrorism, drug policy, etc)

That’s my defense of the quotes attributed to you and I - which should be rightly allowed to be defended for the false equivalency, and the nature of the accusation, namely that I or you have claimed that others want people to die.

Level of concern when people die != actively hoping people die. The former is the root of political differences on matters related to security. The latter is just sociopathic.


Agreed. I’m glad you addressed it as I just didn’t have the energy. But you are 100% correct.


Nicely put.

A little credit should be given for not mentioning guns.

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But I guess that means ■■■■ all to you.


Happy thoughts?

ahhh… the caveats!

I can’t say “you want people to die” to gain cheap political points (not that I would).


You can say I “don’t care if people die” to gain cheap political points (which you did)

seems a distinction without a difference


I did not say that. What I said was that circumstances of death in terms of significance are primary political topics when it comes to national policy on a variety of matter.

It’s why some care more when an illegal immigrant kills someone vs. a cop killing a black person. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they differ on its significance

However, hoping innocent people die would be like saying cons hope the black guy is killed. Which is of course absurd

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Being indifferent versus desiring. Seems like a distinction and a difference.