A request- Please stop with the "you want people to die" posts

We have disagreements over almost all issues, and those disagreements get heated.

Sometimes we…all of us, me included…get really heated and say things that we shouldn’t say, and makes accusations we shouldn’t make.

But the one thing we should all be able to agree upon is this pandemic is horrific, has caused a lot of strain, pain, suffering and death, and NO ONE here- left, right, center, or whatever, wants anyone to die to score political points.

Yet guests on these boards several times have leveled that accusation at other guests…at least one time at me, at least another time at someone who if you knew anything about him/her you’d be immediately ashamed you did it.

May I respectfully ask that this practice stop? Of all the accusations one can level, this is by far the worst, and at the worst possible time.

For all you know, the person you just accused of that knows someone that has the virus and is in the hospital in critical condition.
For all you know, the person you just accused of that knows someone who died of it already or has a loved one who died of it.
For all you know, the person you just accused of that has the virus him- or herself.

The point is…can we please at least show a little humanity and realize there are human beings on these boards?

The other insults/accusations that we all level are bad enough and we should all try and at least temper those.

This particular accusation is completely reprehensible and totally uncalled for.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the rant.


I’ll try not to do it again.

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Well stated @JayJay

I could not agree more!!!

Well stated OP :clap::pray:

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I don’t think anyone wants to root for death.

Why is this in politics?

How about Hillary’s tweet?

She doesn’t post here, as far as I know, but to what tweet are you referring?

The one where she posted “Trump always wanted America first” and then linked an article about America having the most COVID-19 cases.

■■■■ her.

Yep. The “let’s hope so” crap is almost daily insinuating that me and others are hoping that people get sick or die. Not sure why that’s cool here


America first for people dying! ■■■■ Hillary.

Why? Hillary’s celebrating it.


Rent free



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So Hillary’s nobody?

That’s what I want to hear. Glad she wasn’t elected.

I don’t want an irrelevant nobody as president.

i never said or even thought such a thing

but the “pain and suffering” caused by this doesn’t even start to compare to that caused by the flu

just setting some perspective

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Wrong thread

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Yes. For over 3 years now

no it’s the right thread. i’ve told you several times now

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except everyone in the media

but who are they huh?