A Reminder of the Bureaucrats and What They're Capable Of

It relates to your whataboutism.

I think that depends on what side of the aisle one sits.

It’s not whataboutism.

I’m trying to judge consistency of the poster’s declaration.


Was Cippilone lying, or was he simply mistaken?

And his was a prepared statement.


DEMs seem to think so when it comes to Trump. :wink:

Which doesn’t change the fact that never in a million years would Trump own up to a mistake.

Folks on the left are fine with lying, spying on citizens,and dossiers against the opposition candidate as long as it is their side doing it.

And they just love long time swamp creatures in DC.

Trump is just a bit more creative with it than most. :wink:

Glad you asked. This was an opportunity to demonstrate how some act when Trump lies, and why his lawyers absolutely will not allow him to be put under oath. They recognize he’d have absolutely no problem lying under oath.

The House managers had no case. Why bother to testify? :sunglasses:

So now we are talking about some Trump lawyer instead of James Clapper the head of NSA lying to American people and congress?

Come on Jay…you aren’t smart enough to deflect my attention.

No…your silly attempt to deflect. We know lawyers lie, deceive etc. It’s what some lawyers do.

Clapper was head of NSA when he lied to American people and congress.

Stick with program Jay…

And look what he lied about.


It’s important to know how consistent people are.

I have no problem saying Clapper lied. Can you say Trump’s lawyer lied?

However the reason polarization sticks around is precisely the reason I gave…people five passes to those they agree with while pointing out all the flaws of those they don’t.

So…now that I’ve said Clapper lied…tell me…did Trump’s lawyer lie, or did he make a mistake?

PS he wasn’t “some Trump lawyer”…he was his defense lawyer in an impeachment trial.

Clapper is a traitor along with Lynch for when they tried to change how Intelligence is shared.


Republican members were excluded from the SCIF interviews. Are you claiming they were all allowed entry?

Is it coming unraveled?