A Reminder of How Long This Has Been Going On

This was sent to me. It was 1993. I thought it was funny.

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The schtick really hasn’t changed much in 25 years.

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Conservatives are bad at comedy.

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No it really hasn’t. I don’t care much for pundits.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Trump Presidency is the direct result of 30 years of such schtick.

No it isn’t.

Yes…it actually is.

More schtick, please.

No it isn’t. Nobody needed Limbaugh to tell them Republicans didn’t keep campaign promises.

Was that supposed to be comedy? It wasn’t.

Rush has been swatting at strawmen to the delight of dittoheads and his bank account for decades.

Has anyone ever been mad at someone for not wearing a ribbon? I don’t get it.

Still in major denial?

They needed the CEC to paint caricatures of political positions for them to ooh and aaah over.

They needed them to convince them that juvenile insults were “refreshing straight talk”.

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Keep telling yourself that we are stupid Jay…meanwhile the ignorance is all on you.

And we are laughing.

I used to like watching his show as well as listening to his radio show. One of the funny episodes was when he came out with a brick cell phone taped to his head to prove he wasn’t worried about getting cancer. Kinda funny. Listening to Rush during 1st Gulf War was good too! Ever since the Obama years, his radio show went south in my opinion!

But I don’t call the people stupid.

I do call them politically uncurious…which is not quite the same thing.

The funny thing about this video?

Replace those ribbins with an American Flag pin…

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Insult no less. Just makes you out more as a snob.

You’re better then that.

Not a snob…just a student of how most people come to believe things.