A reminder from Four Years ago when democrats graciously accepted Hilary's loss

“Illegitimate President” followed by four years of trying to unseat him on BS Trumped Up Charges.

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Don’t remember seeing any riots or cop killings when she lost…

Is this a video of libs storming the capitol based on Hillary’s repeated election lies?

What “cop killings”?

We had four years of “cop killings” including a long period in which cops were specifically targeted for murder by BLM activists.


Watch it and discuss. If you can argue against any of the points he’s making do so.

Precisely…one shooting 4 in Texas, 2 in LA, 2 and 1 wounded in NY just to name couple of em off the top of my head.

When was this video filmed? Before or after the Capitol riots?

How many police shootings in DC during this “uprising”?

“A reminder from Four Years ago…”.

Seriously, can you not read or watch a video?

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Not sure what you mean but no cops were shot or killed. Sound like Capital police died of other causes and not what lying media claimed.

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Yep I saw it…

Just confirming how irrelevant this video is.


Irrelevant how?

Scratch’s claim.

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I remember a group of highly placed politicians and “lifetime” bureaucrats executing a coup, sabotaging the “peaceful transfer of power”, announcing their intent to impeach before Inauguration Day, skipping the inauguration, screeching into a megaphone about “if you see that cabinet in a restaurant or at a gas station you tell them they’re not welcome…”, accusing a family man in front of his family of being a rapist because he had been nominated to the Supreme Court, spending 4 years accusing a legitimately elected president of being ab illegitimate Russian Spy while calling his supporters stupid redneck Hicks and ignoring the multiple accomplishments of the presidency, largely looking the other way during the summer of riots violence vandalism arson and murder and ignoring and whitewashing the violence. I will remember a vindictive bunch of political hacks hell bent on one more impeachment despite their lies about “unity”.

Did I miss anything?


The knitted hats not smeared poop all over the capitol and planned to execute people. Comparing apples to maggot infested garbage.

So by the standard you folks are setting here neither Trump nor any other republicans calling the election results into question did anything wrong and are above reproach.

Thanks for clearing that up.

What is the purpose of this reminder? The timing is impeccable.

Your favorite President is actually going to be illegitimate for the second time and you post a video making some sort of equivalence to 4 years ago.

A video that showed 3 congress members and a talk show host say he is illegitimate? Then you follow video by saying “Trumped up charges”. No Rose… he did real things. He continued to do real bad things. He did bad things before he got into office.

Now he is going to be impeached again for being stupid.

That has nothing to with what “libs” said in 2016. “Libs” said he was a cheater and liar… and guess what… the recent events show that be so true that even Senate republicans are abandoning ship.

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There you go yet again.

Trump is not and never has been my “favorite president”.

His election was legitimate, his term in office was legitimate and he will remain the legitimate, duly elected president until he leaves office.

Cut the personal crap, if you can’t discuss/debate like an adult go bother someone else.


Really? You don’t remember this?

Did they kill a police officer? Smear poop all over the capitol? Create an opening for enemies to easily reach the capitol?