A really. simple question about the coronavirus nightmare

This will probably get merged with some other thread or something but here goes.

I’m done…This coronavirus wreck is devastating our country. Count me as an American who has just had it.

Can someone explain to me how we save America from the Coronavirus by completely crippling this economy. Poverty, homelessness, unemployment, depression…Those seem to be the symptoms we are about to put in play in place of the small percentage of victims claimed by the small percentage of people diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

How long is long enough to keep this economy on lockdown? A month, six months, should we just all hope our stimulus checks show up and that AOC get’s us some government stipend to live on.

We’ve been presented with a false dichotomy from the start…It’s a lie to claim that either you want to save lives or, if you think the economy matters you don’t care if people die. A Healthy Economy is absolutely as much a public health issue as anything Covid 19 can throw at us. I talked to a friend in Oregon yesterday in a county that’s had one case of coronavirus, 1!, and their business is pretty much gone. Hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed, they are furloughing people and laying people off.

Enough…Let’s keep people genuinely at risk safe, but this is a nation of people who’ve sacrificed to the point that many of us will never recover financially, we’re being told repeatedly how great the American people have been. It’s time to let us get back to work.


So go back to work. What exactly is stopping you?

Schools will not open next fall. The second wave is coming. I’m prepared and working.

I ve been working. My concern is for the 26 million Americans who have lost their jobs…the businesses that have been closed. How about you answer the questions instead of being snarky…

What is to be gained by crippling this economy in response to the virus.

It’s a good question. There is no good answer.

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Go back to work stock shelves or clean floors

There needs to be. I don’t believe Americans are going to take much more of this. We The People were asked to make sacrifices…we did. 26 million people have sacrificed their jobs…I have no idea how many businesses have been closed that will never re open. And you’ve got bozos like the Gov of NY saying “go get a job with an essential business…”. Screw him…arrogant snob he’s not missing paychecks…maybe those damn governors should start forfeiting paychecks. Let them feel the pain.

This country cannot take much more of this.

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So there are jobs but you dont wanna do them


I didn’t work 40 years to get where I am to start over because you’re scared.


Hear! Hear!

Its temporary.

That is our right to have an opinion. It may or may not be right.

Consumers won’t consume if the risks of that consumerism outweight the risks. By “opening up business” you present an opportunity for supply that can’t or won’t be met by demand. In other words just “opening up business” isn’t going to drive demand.

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That’s the story.

Why do you ask?

Yes, as long as someone survives to Rebel against authoritarian rule next century, we should all obey scienceless governors’ edicts… apparently.

Go work no one is stopping you.

I keep getting at that and yet no one seems to get it.

They seems to be perfectly fine to be pissy and place blame on a politician who told them not to, while at the same time proclaim it’s against their civil liberties to do so. Like I said, take your ass to work for an employor that will hire you. See how that works.

Some seem to think that an over abundance of supply will overcome an underabunance of demand.

Apparently, you are.

No it’s not. The Coronavirus is now part of our lives…it’ll be with us even after we come up with treatments or vaccines…we all know people who get the flu after getting their flu shots.

So no the virus is not temporary…we ll have to figure out how to function with it just like we have with other diseases. The longer we stay shut down the longer it’s going to take to get back to something close to nor

So are we doing any good crippling this economy … 1st we were flattening the curve…now we’re creating some idea that we can’t open up until we can “trace” the people who have it…what’s next.

Americans have done everything they’ve been asked to do…it’s time we stop going bankrupt and get back to work.

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There are more important things than living.