A Question for the Critprogs on "Immigration"

I get that you feel you are helping people who you feel need help. I really do.

I also get that you feel the US is a big place with a lot of room. And it is… sort of.

Do you know why ICE can set up check points 100 miles from the boundary?

40% of the US population lives on the coast. If you include borders, that number jumps way up. Much of the “big place” is not really that inhabitable. Like most places.

My question is, how do you Critprogs see this 2M a year playing out? What is the vision and what are the consequences?

You say “We want Norway!”… while you import Venezuela.

You think these people are going to stay in Texas and Florida after the resources dry up?

How do you see this playing out?


330 million people already taking up space. Everyone else can get bent.

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Is it fair to say that many of our problems; climate crisis, homelessness, etc are due to too many people?

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All the manufactured problems like the ones you listed, anyway. The more people, the more stupids in the mix that can be manipulated by nothing more than a TV channel, or web link, or however the stupids get stupided. lol


So naturally we should discourage contraception, restrict abortions, and go back to the good old days of the 1920s where women were moms and home-makers.

If it was believable that this argument was being made in good faith, then maybe a fruitful discussion would happen.

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I absolutely support parents who teach and provide contraception for their children if they choose to. I could probably even support making it taxpayer funded for those below a certain cognitive level.

Are you supporting abortion as a population control measure? Saying the quiet part out loud?

“Moms and homemakers”… if only.

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“We”… interesting.

I mean……:thinking:

But anyway. Two million is not sustainable. I think you will find very few libs progs or whatever who support unchecked immigration like the one that’s happening now and i think to believe that we/they do makes the entire op stem from a false premise


You all voted for it. It’s a feature, not a bug. He told you what he was going to do. You knew.

What do you feel is going to happen to slow it down?


It s a bug. If it were a feature he could put border controls agents only on points of entry and/or stop deportations. He is not.

This is the same play with different actors. Obama deported millions but the criticism was that he was counting repeated deportations. Instead of going oh great we are deporting these people, it was how dare he use statistics!?!

Nothings changed. The arguments are the same.


He told you what he was going to do. And he did it.

What do you feel is going to happen to slow it down?


He told me what he was going to do and then didn’t disperse border control or stop immigration courts from issuing orders. Its a bit weird that we are having a decision about soundbytes and not what is actually happening

Slow it down? Not much. Reverse it? Continuous deportations.

That’s quite the revisionism. Do you not read the news?

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When will they start?

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What am i revising? He is deporting about half of what trump was…. That’s is still like 75k people?

They were never halted.


Oh and the system in place is not sustainable.

We were experiencing a million people a month in 2018 and depoering 150k a year…. :joy:


Eta: it’s a million people a year not a month. Million a month was a number that came from my butt

What other number do you need?


Sorry a year.
977k in 2019 and deported 150k

The border was never fixed. It’s twice as many now. There needs to be many more deportation